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Return of the Deep King

Many myths says that the The Deep King will return in the future to battle a great evil, rivaling The Quiet Ones. This is a summary of the most famous one.   When King Edgar Vicor the I alone fought, and slayed, the elder Quiet One he were tired and proud. Tired from the harsh battle, and all battles before that. Proud of his deed and that his city were safe. During the battle the beast had cut a large scar in the tunnel wall with its magic. In that opening the dwarven king lay to rest, just for a bit, as he felt heavy in body and soul. But so tired was he that he did not wake, and so heavy was he that he sunk into the rock bed. On his head he wore the Linnheart Crown, on which top the Linnheart, an iridescent ruby, was placed. The Linnheart, now once again caught in stone, knew that it once again should break free and worn by a dwarf of royal blood. A flame was set ablaze within the ruby, and such was its magic that its flame spread to all of the stone around it. Upon the stone, fueled by the magic of the Linnheart lychen begun to grow, and from it a dim light shone.   Edgar Vicor the I is known to have been a king loving his wealth, infatuated with gems in all the colours of the rainbow. Now in his long sleep he dreamt of all those gems. Big and small, round and cut ones. His dreams spread out through the Linnheart and into the surroundings were flowers begun to grew in all the variations of his jewels. Soon the once ugly scar were now a place o beauty. But as as with all treasures it was in risk of being stolen. From the Deep Kings will to protect what he treasured and the fire of the Linnheart a new type of flower were created. It was a small blue one, in likeness of Edgar Favourite ring. Just as that ring this flower had a trick to it, whenever a creature came near it would attack t with tendrils of hot blue flame.   For centuaries the king has slept in wait for the one to wake him up. During the darkest days, when evil beasts once again threat the lives of dwarfs, if one approaches, not with the intent of taking from him, but giving him something new it is said that he will wake up from beneath his flowery bed. Not aged a day, and well slept, he will great the one to bestow him the gift and in appreciation give that dwarf his friendship. When they return, lit by the Linnheart, dwarfs will bow down to the lost king. He will retake his rightfull place as ruler of Linnhigh and the gifter shall become as a son or daughter to him.   But his time back will be short. For one year he will protect his home and people, meanwhile preparing the gifter to become his heir. One a year and five days have gone by a battle will ensue, against the forces of evil, in which the Deep King is to take his final breath protecting his home.

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