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Warriors with the might of armies. Mages with the magic of the four elements. Leaders with the cunning to shatter empires.
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The Four Elements
The four elements of Lavera: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. That is what they were known as at first. With time wizards have learned the true nature of the four elements being energy, gas, liquid and solid.   A World of Elemental Magic
Lavera is a world of elemental magic , with the benefits and troubles that come with it. Everyday life is facilitated by enchanted items as self heating rocks used to boil water, wind chimes that creates refreshing breezes during still summer days and city wide piping enabled by a water magic engineering. With spellcasters being a quite common, with an average of one in a two hundred affinite for magic, magic has also raised a number of problems. Thieves have learn to knock doors open with air magic. Bullies use water magic to dry out others, murderers burn down whole houses before even thinking about a better solution. Certain minerals, when combined with stone magic, mixed into water, may hold enchanting, hurt full or other sensory disturbing effects over anyone who drinks it. These magical drinks are sold in the underworld to drug or torture people, sometimes even bought to use on one self. Beasts and monsters has a certain control over magic as well which may be countered by adventurers, but often do cause harm to innocents before the problem is solved.   Church of the Saviour
Church of the Saviour   Promise of Peace
After than more than a millenia of blod the human race at last settled for peace, promising to never again start a war among one selfs. Each of the three kingdoms (Deri, Mordil and Brend), the holy city and the city of magic made an agreement to rule the human lands together. Each of the three royal families would have a king or queen but one of them would stand above the others as the Peacebearer , rulers of all human lands. Who would be the first Peacebearer was choosen by representivies of the people in an election. When a Peacebearer died or resigned en election would be held once again to choose which royal family who would be the next to rule. While the Peacebearer had the highest authority each of the royal cities still had a high level of self govern and so did both Aduralin and Akademia. Aduralin became the the religious and cultural metropolis of humanity with a lot of influence over the faith. While religious faiths based on the four elements had always been common and continued to be many smaller folk beliefs, cults and faiths died out and was replaced with The Faith. Akademia was choosen to gain even greater influence over the spellcasters in the empire. From now all spellcasters should be able to, and greatly encouraged to, study at the Academy of Higher Magic.
The Third Disintegration
The city Academia was during a long time the home to many wizards. The Academy of Magic, a tutoring place for most human spell casters, and even some non-humans, was the center of the city. It was seen as a place of knowledge and protection. During the last month of 502 AP the Third Disentegration took place. It was a cloudy day, snow fell, and winter celebrations was under preparation. Suddenly the clouds were dispersed and where they once were clerics of the saviour were hovering in a circle. Between them, also hovering, was hundreds of small pearls. Elemental pearls, as they are called, are elemental magic stored in physical form. Together they finalized the ritual spell which they had cast together in secrecy of the clouds above Academia, using the combined power of all Elemental pearls. From the center of them a pillar of light radiated from the sky, smashing into the city, disintegrating much of the Academy, which had been its target. What once had been the symbol of high magic, protected with layers upon layers of strong magical defenses, was in the next second a crumbling ruin. And with the shock wave the rest of the city fell. Most trained spellcasters lived in this city and after The Third Disintegration the only spellcasters still alive were those that were out on missions, served royalty in other cities or was not a part of the academy. Those who were alive had all lost most of their friends and colleagues. All of this, from the dispersing of the clouds, to the decimation of human spellcasters did not take more than a second. With the coming months, with the loss of arcane knowledge, magical systems as city piping, begun to show signs of failing. The reason for this act of violence was not known before the attack but the church of the saviour did the day after proclaim the message in their temples. The Saviour was to return to Lavera, to bring love, life and prosperity. He had been held back till now by a number relics, deep dark magic, and the Academy was guarding one of them. Opinions on the matter differed highly between people and it was not too long before the church was split into two. The southern part of the human lands continued to follow Aduralin, holy city of the Saviour, and the original leaders within the faith. The northern parts, lying closer to Akademia, took the stance that the high clerics of Aduralin had lost their minds and that a good God like the Saviour never would accept such an act of violence as the Third Disintegration. Instead the high clerics had done it out of lust for power and rivalry. The common folk of the northern lands joined forces with the new northern Church of the Savoiur. The three kingdoms could stand neutral in this matter either which led to war and the end of the Promise of Peace.   In all of this chaos a great sickness had broken out. From the ruins of Akademia a new dissease, known as Arcardi Plague, begun to spread. It infected a tenth of those humanoids who come in contacted with it and the result was always the same, dead within a week. Even magic had a hard time treating, only being able to cure a few of the sick during the first month of the outbreak. Instead of healers beginning to understand the sickness and treating it better the disease seemed to evolve into an even more magic resistent form.
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