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The Deep King

The Deep King is a famous dwarf in Merian history. Stories talk of a brave warrior and mighty leader that saved his people from grave dangers.   Year 1503 BP the dwarfen family Rosespear hired a group of seven mercenaries. On of these was a dwarf that called himself Edgar Vincor, even if some sources say that was not his real name. The quest was to find a cave fit to make a home for about 1000 dwarfes. It was so that the family Rosespear were nobles and the rulers of the underground dwarfen town Birchstone. It lied on the outskirts of the explored caves and during the last years the area had become dangerous.   Leader of the adventurous party was Anna Whitefist. She led the party to a         About 1500 BP: Once known as Simer Darkedge, a dwarfen hired blade. Taking assassination jobs was not uncommon to him.   Later through random events he came to lead a group of adventurers after the last leader fell. The job they were currently on was to find a new home for a clan of dwarfes. They were afraid that their cave would be attacked.   His ways came to change and he became the leader of the new city, Simerbright, as the corrupt clan leaders were disliked by the people.   To his party and employers he had called himself Edgar Vincor and with his change to a leader, also carrying with it a change of morals, he since then saw himself as Edgar.   The threats the clan leaders had talked about came, The Quiet Ones. For many years Edgar Vincor helped protect his home and people, gaining respect and renown. The people saw him as their king, the title some dwarfs in older cities had. To protect the town he ventured deep down, to set up outposts and traps. During thees ventures he brought a group of adventures and together they fought many Quiet Ones to learn of their behavior and weaknesses. 100 years later, 1400 BP he was disappeared when he alone fought an elder Quiet one and slayed it.   From venturing down as a hero and king he got the name Deepking.

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