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Ghost of Lake Rest

The Ghost of Lake Rest is a mythical ghost appearing in Merian folklore. It is said to be the ghost of a dragon which never got is last rest. The ghost lives near Lake Rest, where it hunts for dwarfes.   According to myths the ghost is the mad soul of a dragon-like cavedweller that died long ago. It is said that it seeks to rest but is unable too, and that irritates it even more, making it harder for it to rest. Angry it flies around the cave in which it died long ago, appearing as erratic winds, spreading its wishes of sleep to anybody near it while unable to fulfill it himself.     If one would find the dragon while alone there is a risk of the dragon attacking, appearing in front of them and sucking out their soul, in hope to gain the rest of the one it killed.      


When taking form it is said to look like a 5 meter long, wingless dragon, with fours eyes. It head has no horns, and continues smoothly down the neck similar to a shark.    

The Truth Behind the Myth

Historical Basis

Lake Rest is an underground lake which a group of Merian dwarfes once wanted to settle by. The cave was very beautiful. The black stone ceiling were glimmering like the night sky due to microscopic magical crystals in it. As they begun to settle signs of general sleepyness showed up. It was noticed that in the cave, and cavesystems near it, erratic winds suddenly appeared, without anywhere to come from. With time people were found dead without any apparent reason, as if they had just fallen asleep forever. While the dwarfen leaders of the group, a noble family known as Rosespear, wanted to stay in the cave, due to its beauty, the people wanted to find another cave to call their home. Rosespear said that those that died were weak and that dwarfes were to stay at Lake Rest, as it was later named. The Rosepear family did not lead the search for a home themselfs, they had hired some adventuring dwarfs for that. The last straw for the stay at Lake Rest were when the leader of those adventurers died in her sleep. The adventurers were all known to be strong and good leaders. When the Rosespears dissmised the adventures death too, Edgar Vicor another adventurer, led the people to find another cave. Lake Rest were left empty of life, with the remains of a half built ghost town and stories of a a ghost.
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