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Menrian are an ethnicity of dwarfs, originating from Deepmere. They consist of the dwarfs from the mountain dwarfs that first went down underground to settle a number of different underground lakes.   They are known for being for being good chemists. Their curiosity and dexterity have led them creating many potions, antidotes and more sought after by others. Their most sought after export are those potions and chemical elixirs based on resources only found within the underdark, such as Everburning Glue, a thick gray oil that burns for extremely long and sticks to whatever it touches, and the alkaline Greybloom extract, used to create Ashbloom Pills.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Jane Kate Kathryn Emily Harriet Flora Irene Daisy Rosa Marble Crystal

Masculine names

Arthur Albert Benjamin Jacob Edgar Theodore Clifford William

Family names

Smith Taylor Wright Miner Seeker Cook Blue Red Mountain Baker Bearded Ironbeard Diamondeye


Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Menrian dwarf dies it is buried within a place known as the Cave of Rest. For rich people a hole is dug out in the ground and the body is placed beneath earth, brought from the surface. Magic is used to make the earth inhabitable for flowers and during the first year, the Grieving year, flowers are planted there each month. If the deceased were not wealthy enough for a dug grave the body is instead burned and spread out in a memorial grove, generally placed in the center of a Cave of Rest. As with the dug grave grieving family and friends plant some flowers at the grove.


Beauty Ideals

Pale skin, rose cheeks, well trimmed facial hair, thin but dark eyebrows. These are ideals hard to achieve by those working in mines and other physical jobs, having become an ideal by the exclusivity of the appearance.   Being colourful, either by cloths, hair or jewelry, is always some kind of fashion within the Menrian society as it touches their nostalgic vein, reminding of the flowers above. It also shows in that the ideal eye colour, according to them, is one that is bright and colourful. In many Menrian stories important characters have eyes described as flame-red, orchid-pink or golden yellow. But as their natural eye colour is in shades between blue and gray it has led to the creation of coloured lenses, often used during festive occaisons.

Gender Ideals

The ideal man is a brave and curious. He is social and likes to talk about his adventures.   The ideal woman is dextrous, as good at taking care of the home as she is a jeweler.

Relationship Ideals

Menrian dwarfs live a long life in monogamous relationship. While dating different people are seen as okay for those that are young, once a menrian becmoes an adult it is seen as very bad to divorce, and the common view is that an adult that has divorced should keep living their life as a single. For another person it would be very shameful to start a relationship with someone that have divorced in the past.

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