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Not to be confused with Wyrms

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons do not have lasting partner nor mating seasons. At seemingly random times two dragons come together to breed. The dragons can have different age and status.

Growth Rate & Stages

A dragon egg is incubated for a month by the dragon mother before hatching. During this time the mother lies still, half asleep, until the egg is ready to hatch. After a dragon is hatched from its egg it rapidly grows from 1 feet to nearly 6 feet in just under a week. During this period it is a called a dragon hatchling. Hatchlings sleeps most of their time but are playfull while awake. After the first week has passed the rappid growing slows down and the dragon is abondoned by its mother. This is called a dragon wyrmling. Wyrmlings are curious by nature and like to test out their skills. When the dragon matures, around 5 years of age, it is called a young dragon and by now it has generally grown to twice the size of a wyrmling, with a wingspan reaching 20 feet. The young dragons have more control over their power but the curiosity is not gone. They often roam around trying to exceed them self in the art of hunting while looking for a real lair. When the dragon figures out how to become more than it was before and using a secondary breath weapon it is called an adult dragon. Around the time of adulthood their curiosity fades to just a fraction of what is was before. It is also around this time most dragons find the lair they will use for the rest of their lives. Adult dragons can have wingspan of up to 40 feet. Oldest of all dragons are the ancient dragons. These are the enourmus beasts that are at least half a millenia old. No specific passage except time marks where a adult dragon becomes an ancient but you will know when you see one, the elder dragons power far outclasses the adult one.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragons do not need to feed as they live of the magical essence which exists everywhere in Lavera. But that does not say they never hunt nor eat. Dragons hunt and eat for the exstacy of the kill and the taste of flesh.
Genetic Descendants
Related Myths
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