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Scar of the Deep King

The Scar of The Deep King is where the mythical battle between an elder Quiet One and dwarwen king Edgar Vicor took place.   It is a long cave opening, in a tunnel deep below where dwarfs normally were, stretching fifteen meters long and up to one meter high in the middle. It is said to be a scar from the battle in which the The Deepking killed a The Quiet One long ago, before they went extinct.   The scar is 3 meters deep, wet from water dripping from its top and have a strong aura of fire magic around it. The combination makes it perfect for a number of plants which grows out of the rare sunlichen, which glows with dim sunlight.   One of the plants growing in the scar is one called The Kings Farewell. It is a small blue flower that only grows in this particular place. Whenever it feels threatened, by the presence of beings or being uprooted in some way, it sends out tendrils of blue flame which may cause much damage to curious creatures but does not affect plants at all. The Kings Farewell is the reason why the other plants can continue to grow mostly undisturbed in the opening.   A The Kings Farewell have twice been succeesfully retrieved to a dwarfen city to try to get more of. When taken away from the scar it quickly starts to die unless constantly fed just the right amount of fire magic. The first time it died when planted into normal earth, even though the sunlichen were still attached to it. It is believed that it cannot be planted in normal earth, as it gets a chock from all the new substances it. The second time it was retrieved the Kings Farewell was placed together with the original sunlichen, and some sunlichen grown in the town. They were placed in a small crack, similar to the Scar of teh Deep King, trying to closely replicate humidity, light level and airflow from the Scar of the Deep King. Five crystals were also charged with fire magic in such a way that they slowly would leak a bit to their surroundings, to mimic the aura around the Scar. This time the Kings Farewell survived for many years, but when it seeds grew into new flowers they were different. Larger, and without their blue flame, they became known as The Kings Memory.   A few myths concerning the Kings Memory and the Scar of the Deep Kings have circulated through the years. Some say that if one were to offer the Scar a Kings Memory on a certain day the Deep King would return. Some talked about a test in which a brave dwarf would walk up to the scar and, while holding a Kings Memory, reach inside to receive power, truth or wealth. These myths did over the years cause many overly brave adventurers to get extreme burns, sometimes even leading to them losing a limb or dying. Quite a number of myths mentioned that presenting the Kings Memory would lead to them finding the Linnheart Crown

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