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Eye of the North Star (Ai uf thuh nor-th staar)

When The Wayfinder was mortal, She turned against her nature, casting off the expectations of all the other dragons. She traveled the width and breadth of Solia, seeking to bring goodwill and compassion to the varied people of the world, often under the guise of shapechanging magic to appear as one of them.   As might be expected, this raised the ire of the chromatic dragon, who saw Her as a traitor and unworthy of the blood that filled Her veins. They called the first Conclave of Concordance, wherein they decided to strike Her down and set upon Her off the western coast of Omath. In the fight that followed, great storms and waves thundered along the coast, bringing destruction and death in their wake.   As Her eye was cleft from Her skull, all seemed lost. The dragons circled Her, striking scales from Her body and shedding Her blood into the sea. She let out a cry, a plea for help, and at that moment the storms quieted, the clouds parted, and a great wing of metallic dragons descended, led by the great platinum wyrm Murseinir, driving off or slaying the chromatic dragons.   It was too late, however. The Wayfinder had suffered too many injuries, and Her breath gave out as Murseinir and the others returned. Thought lost, the dragons wept and cried for time unmeasured over the gracious wyrm who had proven that nature was not all a creature could be, until they beheld Her body vanish, replaced by a great ball of lightning that shot into the heavens, taking a place in the great darkness, arcing out to create a constellation that would forever look down upon the world, a reminder of the wyrm who had lived.   From The Lost, The Found.
Once thought lost to the waves, a great crystal orb was located by whalers from Hundgard in 1442 CE. Filled with lightning, the orb is believed to be the eye cleft from The Wayfinder before her death.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Inside the Eye roils a chaotic lightning storm, moving in a state of constant change. Warm but otherwise harmless to the touch, the orb gives off a strong aura of evocation magic.  
Pathfinder Game Masters: Treat the aura as Overwhelming.


The Eye of the North Star is a powerful artifact, capable of both great destruction and kindness. As a weapon, the lightning within can be used to summon a massive storm capable of devastating a range of 100 miles (161 km) with lightning, hail, flesh-stripping sand, and tornadoes (or hurricanes, if near the sea). As a tool of compassion, the Eye can cure any disease, heal all but the most grievous injuries, and create water from nothing.   At all times, those within fifty feet (15.24 meters) of the Eye benefit from the effects of divination, allowing them to see through illusions, never become lost, and gain the ability to see up to 120 feet (36.5 meters)  
Treat the effects as True Seeing, Know Direction, and Darkvision
Item type
Unique Artifact
A unique artifact, only one Eye of the North Star exists.
45 lbs (20.42 kg)
32 in (81.2 cm) Diameter
Raw materials & Components
The Eye of the North Star is a massive crystal thirty-two inches (81.2 centimeters) in diameter, but heavier than it appears.


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