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Crown of the Empire

Soon Lorlund will see a crowned Emperor. Perhaps not in my generation, but someone's very soon.
Emperor Lucius Marcus Magunnus
  The Crown of the Empire was once a symbol of great power, but now it is a symbol of great heritage. This crown was passed down through many generations of Emperors since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time. It used to be worn by the Emperor at any public affair, but nowadays it is kept in a case.  


I, nor any after me, shall wear this crown until the Empire is one again
— Emperor Darus "Ummidius" Flavillus
It is said the Crown was a gift by the Ancient Lorlundian Gods, who granted the first Emperor the power and trust to govern all people of the world. This crown was then worn by many until the Lorlundian Empire was defeated in the War of Brostian Independence. Emperor Larsus, or "Ummidius" as he was nicknamed, decreed that no Emperor is to wear this crown until the empire rules the world again. Its been over 500 years since an Emperor of Lorlund has worn the crown. Instead the crown rests in a case beside the throne, Emperors instead wear a golden laurel wreath. A simple crown to remind those of the glory days.  

The Crown

"One World, One Empire, One Crown"
— The Inscription on the crown.
The crown is made of silver guilded with gold. Along the circlet are various gems and crystals with four larger gems of Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and with the Amethyst facing the front. Each Gem signifies the quadrants of the Empire. Along the circlet is also an inscription which symbolises the unification of the world. The inside of the circlet is padded with a velvet cushion, making the crown comfortable to wear. Even now, the gold and gems shine bright.
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Item type
Unique Artifact

Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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