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Staff of the Ancients

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This staff is a tall staff made of an alien metallic material with a small button on the very tip. It is currently broken into eight pieces, and when all of the pieces come together it can become functional once more. It is engraved with numerous texts in a language even spells like "comprehend languages" fail to translate, presumably because it is either artistic rather than linguistic, or the language is so foreign that the magic of Ebelar cannot recognize it.


This was a weapon theorized to have been made by an ancient society not native to Ebelar. It was brought with the Agents when they initially came to colonize Ebelar, and its origins were unknown even to the Agents. It was divided in 1AL, and was broken into 8 pieces and scattered, placing one piece in a hidden, unknown to anyone but the long dead Scatterer. It is considered extremely culturally important, and many articles, stories, drawings, epics, and many others have been created with it as the subject. It has the capacity to unleash immense destruction, as it carries the capacity to cast the spell "Meteor Swarm" at 9th level once per day
Item type
This is an artifact, only one is believed to exist and it is currently scattered in pieces around the world, one in each continent.
5ft long and 1.5in diameter
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
This is made from a foreign alien metal that comes from a planet that is not within the pocket dimension and is not remembered by any living being on Ebelar.
The engravings that cover the entirety of the staff and have been studied in depth are believed to have been carved with a laser or something similar, as it is too perfect and clean to have been done by hand.


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