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Key of Creation


  The key is an immensely powerful artifact from the dawn of time, thought to be left over from the first war. One theory holds that the key is actually the primal spark of a creation god captured during the first war by the enemy, or who sacrificed himself to become an artifact of fate to turn the tide of the war.    

True Name

  Its full name as spoken in the words of power that imbue reality are lost to the ages. A rough translation from elven is ...  
  erinqua laurea ñalta ára patil eä   The all complete and singular unique key of creation, wreathed in the golden radiant fire from the dawn of beginning, trapped in the twilight of all the world shards ...   ... but that's not quite it.  

Just A Key

  The portion of the key that is seen within the world can appear as many different forms. The most popular forms is a key or item of jewelry which under represents its true power. It usually does not appear as a weapon. The key does not exist entirely in any one realm and is rumored to be anchored in all realms simultaneously. The portion within the world is similar to seeing the tip of an iceberg at sea, with the balance of its structure rests out of sight.      

Here - Not Here


The Shadow War

  The current holder of the Key is the mysterious wizard known as the Whispered One. He is using it to bring together an organization known as the Phoenix Watch and bind them in an oath of light to battle the Shadow War.   One of the specific purposes he uses it for is to create a splinter or shard of the Key linked to each member of the Phoenix Watch . This is accomplished by them taking an oath and their souls being inscribed with a Mark from the key.      

Oath & Mark

  The Oath may only be given willingly which allows the Mark to be inscribed. No amount of magic or subterfuge can persuade or deceive a person into giving the Oath or receiving the Mark . The Key does not care about the origins, background or past deeds of the member, in example one of the oldest members of the Phoenix Watch, is Estra, who has obviously fiend blood background and four arms.  

Artifact Shards

  From this they gain powers to assist in the battle against darkness including the ability to form an Artifact Shard unique to them.   Artifact Shard
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Holder
Owning Organization


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