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Phoenix Watch

Like its namesake rising from the ashes of history The Phoenix Watch is an organization being assembled once more by the mysterious wizard Fez. The Phoenix Watch is meant to be the line of defense to hold back the coming darkness of the Shadow War.   Member of the Phoenix Watch are unknowingly guided by portent and prophecy leading them to seek out other members and Fez. The members span the multiverse being guided from a multitude of worlds all bound by the chains of prophecy.   The final decision has to be made by the the individual. They have to willingly speak the oath an accept the mark. The oath is filtered and focused by the key of creation while it inscribes the Phoenix mark on the soul of the new member.   The Phoenix Watch member is now bound and linked to the Key of Creation and the other members of the Phoenix Watch.   Joining the Watch by taking the Oath and receiving the Mark grant several benefits that are invaluable during their fight against the darkness.   The first benefit is the Mark grants them an Iron Will against mind control or compulsion.         The second benefit is the member can now focus their will and summon a shard or sliver of the Key of Creation through their own soul. With their initial summoning they craft the Shard into the item they will need the most and for the immediate future. They can refocus their Shard from time to time as their needs change or they encounter milestone events.  
  D&D 5th
  This Shard is considered a magic item and an artifact for the member. It is considered mundane for any other user with the exception it is indestructible.   First Summoning
The first shaping requires a hour ritual when the user selects the items shape and purpose, for example a dagger, longsword, shield, ring or cloak. Once the Shard is shaped it may only be re-shaped when an experience level is gained.  


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The Watch
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8 Aug, 2021 19:30

Interesting read! I'd love to see the adventures these Watchers go through. :3   Keep up the good work! :D

9 Aug, 2021 00:06

Lots of work to do on this, but its a start.

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