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Calan (Cow-lan)


At a Glance

  Up close, the first thing you notice is the figurehead of the bow. She is crafted as a buxom nude female of sylvan beauty but with four demonic hands and wings bent back, slicing the wind. Mystic symbols from many disparate origins are tattooed across her entire body. Mouth open in a smile, with hair swept back against the breeze. There are strong hints of demonic Maralith and Succubus heritage.      


  The Calan serves as headquarters, and a haven of the Phoenix Watch led by the Whispered One. As the Key of Creation calls out to future heroes nudging their threads together, they all tell similar tales. They speak of dreams, portents and prophecies of seeing the ship, the wizard and the bird of fire. The Whispered One uses the Calan to stage members of the Phoenix Watch and dispatch them on missions to defend against evil and darkness.  
  ... your consciousness drifts on the edge of ... blackness ... mists ... dreams ... ... the lapping waves drag you from slumber ... ... your face is wet with rain drizzle and the smell of seawater... ... the faint memory of a battle, a blade, a wound, your life’s blood spilling out ... ... the only thing left is being consumed by the fires, the bird of flame, the fires of rebirth.
  A similar story is told by any and all Phoenix Watch members that find their way to the Calan and the Whispered One. Their worlds of birth are different, their stories, like tavern songs and tales, are varied; their deaths each like the end of a unique snow-flake.    


  She’s called the Calan by her crew and those who come across her. Most cannot pronounce the ship’s true name, Os-Tirith Calanos. Loosely translated, her name means “haven of the reborn guardians in fire and life”. It is of draconic origin, or perhaps elven; no one can be sure anymore.  


  While the Calan at first glance appears much as any galleon or warship might, the truly mystical nature of the ship overshadows its mundane first glance.  

Main Deck

  The length, height and beam of this three mast ship marks it first a galleon and next a warship, with the size, speed and might of its class. Next, six ballistae are placed across the ship on clock-work swivel mounts, giving a large range of movement and arc of fire . Placements are in pairs at the stern, midships , and bow of the ship. Each of the three masts (fore, main, mizzen) have tops about two-thirds up and crow’s nests at their apex. Lashed on deck are two six-foot launch boats for smaller sea trips or escape. A gnomish-clockwork loading capstan towers over the closed cargo hatch. Minute glasses set in brass and clock-work holders, positioned bow, midship and stern as well.    

Forecastle & Aftcastle

  The forecastle has bunks, hammocks and sea-chests for the senior members, the ship’s crew and the ship’s chef. A warmth radiates throughout, rolling off of a kitchen sized red-brick cook box. With bricks that are warm to the touch even when not in use. The aftcastle has the captain’s quarters, two mates’ rooms, a chart room, and the sanctum room. The sanctum room has a full-sized wall mirror framed in multi-colored stained glass. This mirror is actually a portal to the Sanctum: however, it is only active for members of the Phoenix Watch.    

Gunnery Deck

  Aptly named, the gunnery deck houses three Avenger ballista on each the larboard and starboard side. This deck also houses the healer’s room, and the weapons master quarters, which doubles as a repair and project shop.    

Cargo Deck

  The cargo hold or Orlop deck has stores of backup supplies for maintenance of the ship. The ship’s stores also include crates and barrels of food, water and beverages for the crew.    


  You step out of a portal, entering the Whispered One’s Sanctum, you realize this room is wrong, being both too large and too tall to fit in the ship. No sense of the ship’s motion or waves can be felt or heard here. The walls, floor and ceiling appear to be made of a translucent solid material, which feels as solid as metal when touched. The alarming factor is through their translucent surface, you can see swirling eddies of somewhere beyond this world. Fading in and out of sight, there are no discernable landmarks or objects beyond . In each of the four corners of the sanctum stand four pedestals, and on each is an intricate hourglass lit with ethereal light. The hourglass frames appear to be some type of clockwork mechanism holding them aloft while sands trickle through each. An arcane language symbol rests on each hourglass identifying one of the 16 foundation worlds. These represent the cosmic axis, which holds the mortal worlds of creation together. One of the 16 hourglasses is dark and its sands do not flow. In the center of this massive room’s floor is an intricate set of arcane circles, each laced with symbols and glyphs. These five distinct pieces form one of the most potent and ancient forms of circle and glyph magic, an arcane power matrix. . While you normally can’t combine multiple arcane circles, the lost art of the power matrix makes this possible by linking all of them, providing a nexus to amplifying magic weaves and reach. On the far side of the room is a massive Sungwood desk and chair set. This set represents the ancient art of elven tree-singing to craft and coax the spirit of wood to become the item desired. They have never been touched by tools of mundane crafting yet remain some of the most intricate pieces ever designed.    


  The Calan is happy to keep pace with other ships; however, when there is a need, the Calan can easily double its speed using mystical methods involving air and water.   Wave & Water   There are six large decanters, almost like metallic vases with leather flask spots embedded along both the port and starboard at the waist of the ship. They are covered in black runes, including the cork spout cap chained to their neck. With a command from the captain these caps fall off and each issue forth geysers of water. This alone can provide immense momentum and propulsion. The captain can even activate portions of them, providing superior maneuverability. Rumors run the gambit from water elementals trapped within each to greater decanters of endless water.     Sail & Sun   The sun shines bright and hot across the Calan’s deck as the sails unfurl guided by unseen mystic hands. The water is calm and lazy, defying the ship to move, and yet the sails fill as if the breath of an unseen god of wind and storm. Maybe the sails are enchanted, or they may be artifacts, perhaps the souls of air elementals have been bound to the rigging and sails.     Ports of Call   The Calan has docked in some of the most important ports in the worlds. If there is a potential member of the Phoenix Watch working their way through their fate and destiny, then they will always be able to find the Calan docked at the right moment. A few examples of well known ports ...   A few examples of well known ports ...
  • Mirros, Capital of the Kingdom of Karameikos, the World of Mystara
  • Waterdeep, The Forgotten Realms - Jewel of the North, World of Toril
  • Greyhawk - the Free City, World of Oerth
  • Ptolus, City by the Spire, World of Praemal

  • The method used to traverse the worlds is unclear, but it obviously works. The Calan may be guided between the threads of fate, plane-shifting from world to world. At one moment in this sea and in the next moment another sea. This may be accomplished by the will of the Whispered One or the navigating of the captain, or maybe both.     Ruby Shards of Eranath   Embedded into the decking of the bow and stern are two rubies the size of mailed fist . They seem to dance and pulse with an inner glow. These are said to be pieces of the control stones used by the lost civilization of Eranath, that kept orbiting continents from colliding. Arcane wielders speculate that by bonding them to the ship, they form a small mobile ley line that is key in the ship’s mystical navigation and supernatural propulsion. It is also believed that the Whispered One's Sanctum is anchored to the stones and the ship.    


      The main deck has multiple ballistae called Avengers. This allows forward and rear facing arcs of fire in addition to port and starboard positions. The gunnery deck has the port and starboard side ballista, creating the bulk of its broadside offensive power. The Avengers are a culmination of several projects combined. Custom clockwork weapons mounts from the Clockwork Dragon shop in Ptolus. The actual ballista e are crafted in Eberron so they can be magically paired and attuned to fire alchemical bolts and arcane elemental bolts. If there is need, the decanters may be angled up and out from the ship to be used as a weapon again another ship or possible boarding parties.    


      The framework and hull of the Calan is one solid piece of wood. It is speculated the ship was formed using the lost elven art of tree-singing and layered with true dweamors of a forgotten age. Although the ship can be damaged, it “heals” those injuries over time and it returns to its original state. The Sungwood construction is very durable, being able to withstand the punishments of war and battle. The Calan radiates no magic from usual divination or magesight, while it is possible more powerful dweamors could pierce its veil.    

    Who's Who

      The Whispered One   The Whispered One is both mysterious and powerful. It is believed that he is a wizard of a forgotten ancient race, but possibly human, fey born, or even celestial; no one knows for sure. It has been rumored he has ties to Blackmore and the Great Rain of Fire on the world of Mystara. Other say he is the Lady of Pains eyes and ears beyond Sigil, City of Doors.     Estra Mate & Commander   Estra appears at first glance to be a rather large female warrior, possibly a goliath, shrouded in layers of cloaks. Once the cloaks fall away, her obvious demon heritage is very clear. She has four arms, each covered with a thin sheen of green scales that moves and shifts distorting the eye. Although her given name seems to have no history and little definition in study, in hushed whispers she is called the Daughter of Night. Estra acts as the Whispered One’s left hand, playing a key role in member training, recruiting, special missions and arcane projects.     Veros Captain   Captain Veros is a male wolfen from the world of Palladium. Commanding and feral features help convey his orders, while skill and acute senses make him an impeccable captain and navigator.     Jarim Ordis Healer & Chef   Jarim is a gold dragonborn healer and, more importantly, the chef of the Calan. Beware earning his ire by calling him a cook as he has culinary talent to spare. He claims to share the spirits of an ancient gold dragon which has gifted him with his spark of fire focused magic. He is well known for wielding his fire magic in battle, as well as in the kitchen.   Tarris Weapons Master & Artificer   Tarris, as “he” is known, is far from the most unusual member of the Phoenix Watch and the crew of the Calan. Tarris is a Warforged Artificer from Eberron and serves as weapons master and engineer for all modifications and repairs on the ship. He can be found speaking to the ship regularly, remarking that “her” soul can hear, while oiling and maintaining the various clockwork mechanisms.     Sam (Samantha / Samuel) Quartermaster   Sam appears as a female halfling most days while she takes inventory of the stores and prepares lists for resupply. The truth is, Sam is an Irda or High Ogre of Krynn with a past she wants no part of. Her shape-shifting and well-honed speechcraft makes her the perfect diplomat and negotiator. Her given name is much longer and more complex than most have the patience for.    

    Notable Members

    Vixen is a female Jaka scout from a far distant land known as Talislanta. The wild and primal Jaka appear as an elegant hybrid of human, wolf and panther. She is not a fan of the captain and prefers missions off the ship, also very fascinated with elves.   Daed Ssenkrad
    Male human Necromancer and Red Wizard of Thay.   Sir Kalithain Tindall
    Knight of Solamnia blending the Oath and Measure with the Oath of the Phoenix Watch.        



    Grid Maps

      Grid Maps
    Calan Grid
    Owning Organization
    120ft Rig
    500 tons
    10 mph
    9 knots
    (240 miles per day)
    Complement / Crew
    Important Articles
    Phoenix Watch
    Phoenix Prophecy
    Key of Creation
    Oath & Mark
    Artifact Shard

    Map Images


    Main Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Deck.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Deck by Sols & Duun

    Forecastle & Aftcastle

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Forecastle Deck.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Forecastle Deck by Sols & Duun

    Gunnery Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Gunnery.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Gunnery Deck by Sols & Duun

    Cargo Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Cargo.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Cargo by Sols & Duun


    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Sanctum.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Sanctum by Sols & Duun
      Grid Maps

    Grid Map Images


    Main Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Deck Grid by Sols & Duun

    Forecastle & Aftcastle

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Forecastle Grid by Sols & Duun

    Gunnery Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Gunnery Grid by Sols & Duun

    Cargo Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Cargo Grid by Sols & Duun


    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Sanctum Grid by Sols & Duun


    Artist Credits

    Maps comissioned by Graylion for the Shadow War by the talented Sols & Duun.


    Author's Notes

    The ship, now known as the Calan, started its career in my D&D campaign many years prior. Its inspiration stems from several sources. First an amazing GM - Darren and Captain Akitafeld, second the ship named the Endurance from the Ravenloft Domains of Dread module named Ship of Horrors. This gives me the opportunity to re-imagine one of my oldest locations using World Anvil.   Fire All Cannons
    In the comments below it would be great to get some feedback on what everyone thinks about ship cannons in D&D. During the research for writing this article, I started with the DMG which has cannon stats. Next I skimmed fantasy lore from Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms and several others, finding very little use of cannons in D&D. Also checked the ships in the Saltmarsh product and decided on Ballista. What does everyone think or do for their world or campaign? If you have cannons, are they magical, are they black powder? Does black powder lead to rangers with rifles, or dwarves with dynamite? It does in Ptolus.

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    17 Sep, 2021 14:33

    Very nice read already! It is a quite interesting ship especially how it is seen and linked to several worlds. Making it out of one solid piece of wood must make it quite sturdy and able to prevent leaks.   You made a pretty good looking map as well for each layer :) especially the sanctum.

    Feel free to check out my Orena 'Raitin Bane' page and my new world Terra Occidentalis if you want to see what I am up to!
    17 Sep, 2021 16:04

    Thanks for reading and liked, glad you enjoyed the start and hope to finish this weekend.

    21 Sep, 2021 16:01

    Nice work so far! I like that it's a mysterious interplanar ship. It would actually fit well in my campaign world!

    Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

    23 Sep, 2021 22:25

    Thank you so much for reading and liking. I hope this in a small an inspiration to craft something for your world.

    23 Sep, 2021 19:34

    Lovely read! You've already put so many details in it so far and I'm enjoying it immensely. I love how the ship is linked to multiple worlds and the phoenix watch. There's something mystical about it and I cannot wait to hear more tales about it.   Keep up the good work! :D

    23 Sep, 2021 22:25

    Thank you so much for reading and liking. I am very excited to finish this soon.

    24 Sep, 2021 16:50

    Great! Nice layers maps!

    Bienvenidos a | Welcome to Eiláar
    24 Sep, 2021 22:12

    Thank you so much, its been fun and now I need to finish it.

    28 Sep, 2021 11:24

    Looks good! I see no difference though in Calan Gunnery Deck and Calan Forecastle on the layered map?

    28 Sep, 2021 11:33

    Thanks that is a mistake. I had a devil of a time uploading and organizing my maps and layers. I really need to use maps more.

    28 Sep, 2021 11:49

    Ok fixed the map layers, and from mobile, which is not easy.

    Eternal Sage MoonRaven
    Jeroen Heijster
    28 Sep, 2021 11:57

    I only have 1 airship so far with cannons. I personally have not decided yet on what it fires, having it shoot arcane bolts or something like that sounds a lot better than having actual cannonballs for my airship, so I'll have to revisit that soon :O   Thoughts...

    -MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
    28 Sep, 2021 12:03

    I think rune covered cannons would be very cool, with multiple types of cannon balls that detonate into fireballs, ice storms or chain lightnings. But beware the enemy has fireshield. Ya that opens up a whole new level of seige weapons.

    28 Sep, 2021 12:08

    Nicely done! Well made ship article!   With regards to cannon, I've tried it in different ways for different settings. In one world, Masters of Illuria, I did allow black powder. This started with cannon but did not lead to rangers with rifles. It lead very quickly to hand grenades. LOTS of hand grenades. Also land mines. Then rangers with rifles. Mages became slightly antiquated in a short amount of time which caused mages to expand studies into more "technomancy".   In Elohey, black powder is less effective than magic and so magic is preferred. Often used in conjunction with black powder. But the limitation means pistols are not effective. Alchemy or magic is used to treat arrows or ballista, turning them into (more or less) elemental rockets.   In Windtracer, I expanded on early rocket design from ancient China. Then extrapolated from there. This hasn't lead to rangers with rifles yet as the current state of the world hasn't developed to a useful way to create small packing for hand held firearms.   Now, in Fiven, black powder does exist but is less used in favor of a more electromagnetic approach to launching projectiles. Mages in this world know how to alter the form and state of matter to produce explosive results when the projectile hits. Sort of a "Cannon Mage" or a "Pistol Mage". Parts are expensive and which limits the technology.

    28 Sep, 2021 12:18

    Oh man those are some fantastic variations at the intersection of magic and artillery. And players would be lucky to land in anyone of those creative settings. Thanks for reading and liking. Next stop Exalted Warstriders!

    28 Sep, 2021 18:40

    Exalted Warstriders? oooohhh I'll take one on discount! ( I love a "fixer-upper" ) :D

    28 Sep, 2021 14:01

    Heccin awesome article. It encapsulates for me everything a fantasy ship should be. And the writing itself is quite good, very immersive.   Oh, one quick note. In the "Gunnery Deck" section, you mention there are four ballista "on each the port side and larboard side". Larboard is simply another (archaic) word for port. It'd be either "port and starboard" or "larboard and starboard".   As far as cannons ... Brainstorming here, but maybe it could be something useful for you. The ship would have its own initiative, rolled by the DM. A die roll for the number of attacks the ship can make, based on the acumen of your ship's pilot and crew. For a standard pirate ship, maybe something like a d12, for a trained warship, maybe 3d6 or more> Depends on the number and size of the ship and its armament. The cannons deal x amount of damage, 2x against objects (i.e. other ships). To hit is again the average of the standard crewman's and the pilot's Dexterity score. The ships' hit points are broken down into the ships' systems. As it takes more damage, more systems go down. Maybe have a table of which system specifically is damaged. It should really be a death spiral for the ship, to be honest. Idk, I'm again brainstorming. My own ship-to-ship combat homebrew (specifically optimized for airships) is something very near the top of my DM's to-do list.

    28 Sep, 2021 14:15

    Thank you for reading and liking. I discovered ships have two extra names for everything, some old some new.   I just finished rereading the Gentleman Bastards - Red Seas Under Red Skies and larboard kinda stuck.   Some very interesting ship-to-ideas. I really like have systems or sections taking damage. It lends to the death spiral or limping along while in combat. I think a lot of RPGs tack on seige warfare or vehicle combat as an afterthought or add-on later, which generally leads to clunky systems.   Thank you again for reading. I still need to give it several more polish passes.

    28 Sep, 2021 16:38

    Gunnery deck section, as an FYI Port and larboard are technically the same, it should be either port and starboard, or larboard and starboard. Only other slight thing that I would hit you on is the map, (where many have made the same mistake) but typically as you go lower in a ship it gets narrower, as opposed to maintaining the same dimensions on all levels. so really just nit-picky stuff, overall great article and awesome way to tie it into your campaign.   as for how cannons have been handled in campaigns i have played in (it hasn't come up in any i have run surprisingly) usually they arent magical, but there were normal cannon balls, exploding shells, and grapeshot normal cannon ball: treated as chromatic orb, but does bludgeoning damage, scaled up 1 level for every half-inch over 3 inches diameter exploding shell: fireball, but with piercing/slashing damage type grapeshot: ice storm without the cold damage, turn the cylinder on its side

    28 Sep, 2021 16:47

    Oh thank you for reading and for liking.   Good eye I fixed the entry making it larboard and starboard. Thank you.   Ya I thought about the decks very late in the process when I was looking at a 3d cutaway of another ship.   Chromatic Orb one of my favorite spells gets let another use for it. That is such a simple an elegant use for cannon balls.   Thank you again for reading and for your feedback.

    29 Sep, 2021 01:25

    You really wouldn't need to change your maps too much. A multi-deck ship like Calan would be wall-sided above the water. In fact, ships of that age actually had tumblehome (the decks got narrower above the waterline) as depicted in the art you chose: "ship at sunset." The three decks you have depicted: Castle deck, gun deck and cargo deck are all mostly above the water and any changes would not be worth representing on the map. This assumes the cargo deck is the same height as the gun deck. if it extends down into the bilges, then Drunkenpanda has a point. But you drew it with a deck and so one has to assume that the bilge area is below that. (might want to put a hatch on your map for access to the bilge area below. The hatch would be locked by the master at arms and would be where the captain keeps the rum, treasure and prisoners.)

    29 Sep, 2021 07:31

    If there is one thing I learned creating this article, I have a lot to learn. Taken notes for version 2.0   Off to the bilge, for some rum. Arrrrrrr   Thank you

    28 Sep, 2021 17:36

    Before cannons, Naval warfare was all about boarding the other vessel. And while rams were employed, they were not always an attractive option because using one required a perfect combination of speed and enemy vulnerability. This is why 'greek fire' was such a technological marvel, because you could take out the other guy's ships without sacrificing your own marines.   In short, cannons changed naval warfare so revolutionarily that we have a hard time even imagining what it was like before cannons.   Like you admit, as soon as you introduce black powder into your game you really must make allowance for other uses, such as infantry cannons, mortars, bombs, grenades, other explosives and even muskets/arquebusiers. Imagine dwarves mining with it. If you have no problem with these other uses, then by all means, add cannons to your ships.   Magical cannons, however, might be a nice alternative. The application of some sort of advanced runes and dedicated spellcraft career path would make it so players can't just make their own cannons whenever and wherever they like, but can explain how nation-states (and the pirates thereof) have access to them.

    28 Sep, 2021 17:59

    Very well said on all points. Cannons and by proxy gun powder is definitely a cross roads decision for your world or campaign. Ya rams would be risky business and could end badly for both vessels. I'm hoping someone weighs in with a viewpoint from Spelljammer.   Thank you so much for reading and your discussion. Load the Dwarven Firesticks!

    28 Sep, 2021 18:31

    I use steam cannons, invented by the dwarves. They are the only ones with the metallurgy able to craft the barrels. This also allows me to say away from handheld weapons.

    Happiness is "the exercise of vital powers, along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope,"
    28 Sep, 2021 19:12

    Very nice Dwarves make all the sense in the world. Short and to the point .... of a cannon! However I hear the gnomes have sent spies, shhhhh....   Thank you for reading and sharing in the discussion.

    Luca Poddighe
    29 Sep, 2021 11:39

    I have fire weapons in my world that has a renaissance setting. I have elected that cannons to avoid overpower are risky, like it happened in real history, and have a chance to explode on use and need loads of manutention to keep the risk low. I hope this helps. (Sorry, I don't know the rules of recent editions of D&d)

    29 Sep, 2021 12:38

    Thats a great thing to remember. The risks of things that go boom! Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback.

    Luca Poddighe
    29 Sep, 2021 13:34

    I forgot to say that my Fire weapons are gunpowder powered, although, the recipe is, at least at the moment, a secret of trade of the Gnomes of mount Comignolo.

    Sage George Sanders
    George Sanders
    4 Oct, 2021 15:59

    For the request for feedback on cannons in D&D - I've thought about that. If there is high magic, I wonder if Cannons would have the importance that would make them a primary weapon. 4,8,12 mages on a ship could be more powerful and flexible. Artificers could change up that mix. I imagine a world with Heros and Champions loaded with magic items, a large army would be less useful compared to support units and city guards.   It is harder to imagine an alternative to a ranger eventually getting a rifle and dwarves using dynamite - even if it was just for mining.

    The path to New Pavlohra is open! Ride along by reading my Treasured Companion article.   Share your world, submit articles for Lavani to read by leaving a comment on her Reading List!
    4 Oct, 2021 16:12

    Thank you for the feedback and well said. I think this goes to the point of mix and balance in a world.  

  • Mages to Non-Mages
  • Blackpowder or not
  • Tech Level to Magic Level
  • All great things to consider at the onset of a world or campaign.

    4 Nov, 2021 03:52

    In the Olden Days of Yore, Vairsule had Airships with rune cannons.. they used a combination of portal and propulsion spells to launch cylinders of stone. I have since come across a technomagic gun/cannon from rifts that uses enchanted ammunition to launch 3 different versions of stone based projectiles (again using elemental magic and telekinetic magic for its operation Igneous (lava,less initial plus lingering damage over time), Sedimentary (less damage but shrapnel causes area effect damage), and Metamorphic (Dense high impact damage round). Also don't forget the old fragile container of holding filled with greek fire and glass vials of water rounds.. launched as self guided missiles via the ribcages of undead bats/birds, or propelled via telekinesis type effects and which explode on impact. Obviously these types of munitions are magic reliant and avoid the mass production issues of technology. There are lots of fictional examples of gun powder/magic mix settings, but they invariably result in magic having less of a blasting role and transitioning to other areas of specialization. I recently backed a few different 5e books that mix tech and magic, and I look forward to seeing how they position it and codify it. I was never a big fan of "tech" being tied to classes.. if an artificer can make Power Armor or a magic cannon.. it should be a thing..not a class feature. Another thing I like is for vehicle class weapons to have a more advanced damage "type" like Hull points vs Hit points or M.D.C. vs S.D.C. (although that whole system is kinda gonzo to begin with). Makes it easier to have personal weapons do way less damage to ships that way.. although I suppose hardness/DR would be another viable alternative.. it should always be dangerous and messy if people are in the way of a cannon ball type weapon. And ships shouldn't really care about arrows or bullets for the most part (obviously fire arrows are an exception for a wooden vessel or sails). Anyway.. that's my input for now. Nice work though Man.

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