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At a Glance

  Up close the first thing you notice is the figurehead of the bow. She is crafted as a buxon nude female of sylvan beauty but with four demonic hands and wings bent back slicing the wind. She is covered or tattooed with mystic symbols from a disparity of origins. Mouth open in a smile with hair swept back against the breeze. There is strong hints of demonic Maralith and Sucubus heritage.      


  The Calan serves as the headquarters and haven of the Phoenix Watch led by the Whispered One. As the Key of Creation calls out to future heroes nudging their threads together, they all tell similar tales. They speak of dreams, portents and prophecies of seeing the ship, the wizard and the bird of fire. The Whispered One uses the Calan to stage members of the Phoenix Watch and dispatch them on missions to defend against evil and darkness.  
  ... your consciousness drifts on the edge of ... blackness ... mists ... dreams ...
... the lapping waves drags you from slumber ...
... your face is wet with rain drizzle and the smell of sea water...
... the faint memory of a battle, a blade, a wound, your life's blood spilling out ...
... the only thing left is being consumed by the fires, the bird of flame, the fires of rebirth.
  A similiar story is told by any and all Phoenix Watch members that find their way to the Calan and the Whispered One. Their worlds of birth different, their stories varied like tavern songs and tales, their deaths each like the end of a unique snow-flake.    


  The ship, she's named the Calan. At least that is her nickname, cause most can't pronounce the rest, or don't care to. Her truename is Os-Tirith Calanos, which loosely translates to "haven of the reborn guardians in fire and life". Ya its draconic or was it elven?  



Main Deck

  Fore-Mast, Main-Mast, Mizen-Mast   Tops   Crows Nest    

Forecastle & Quarterdeck


Gunnery Deck


Cargo Deck



  You step out of a portal entering the Whispered One's Sanctum you realize this room is wrong, being both too large and too tall to actually fit in the ship. No sense of the ships motion or waves can be felt or heard here.   The walls, floor and ceiling appear to be made of a translucent solid material, which feels as solid as metal when touched. The alarming factor is through their translucent surface you can see swirling eddies of somewhere beyond this world. No landmarks or objects can be seem within, and it goes on out of site.   In each of the four corners of the sanctum stand four pedestals and on each is an intricate hourglass lit with ethereal light. The hour glass frames appear to be some type of clockwork mechanism holding them aloft while sands trickle through each. An arcane language symbol rests on each hourglass identifying one of the 16 foundation worlds. These represent the cosmic axis which hold the mortal worlds of creation together. One of the 16 hourglasses is dark and its sands do not flow.   In the center of this massive rooms floor are an intricate set of arcane circles each laced with symbols and glyphs. The 5 distinct pieces combined are known as an arcane power matrix, one of the most potent and ancient forms of circle and glyph magic. While you are not normally able to combine multiple arcane circles, the lost art of the power matric makes this possible by linking all of them, providing a nexus to amplifying magic weaves and reach.   On the far side of the room are a massive sungwood set of desk and chair. This set represents the ancient art of elven tree-singing to craft and coax the spirit of wood to become the item desired. Never touch by tools of mundane crafting yet some of the most intricate pieces ever designed.    


  The Calan is happy to keep pace with other ship, however when there is a need, the Calan has mystical methods using Air and water to easily double its speed.   Wave & Water   There are six large decanters almost like metallic vases with leather flask spots embedded along both the port and starboard at the water line of the ship. They are covered in black runes including the cork spout cap chained to their neck. With a command from the captain these caps falls off and each issues out geysers of water. This alone can provide immense momentum and propulsion. The captain can even activate portions of them providing superior maneuverability. Rumors run the gambit from water elementals trapped within each to greater decanter of endless water.     Sail & Sun   As the sun shines bright and hot across the Calan's deck as the sails unfurl guided by unseen mystic hands. The water is calm and lazy defying the ship to move, and yet the sails fill as if the breath of an unseen god of wind and storm. Maybe the sails are enchanted or artifacts, maybe the souls of air elementals have been bound to the rigging and sails.     Ports of Call   The Calan has docked in some of the most important ports in the worlds. If there is a potential member of the Phoenix Watch working their way through their fate and destiny than they will always be able to find the Calan docked at the right moment.   A few examples of well known ports ...
  • Mirros, Capital of the Kingdom of Karameikos, the World of Mystara
  • Waterdeep, The Forgotten Realms - Jewel of the North, World of Toril
  • Greyhawk - the Free City, World of Oerth
  • Ptolus, City by the Spire, World of Praemal

  • The method used to traverse the worlds is unclear but it obviously works. The Calan may be guided between the threads of fate, planeshift from world to world one moment of this sea and next another sea. This may be accomplished by the will of the Whispered One or the navigating of the captain, or maybe both.    


      The main deck has multiple ship ballistas called Avengers. This allows forward and rear facing arcs of fire in addition to port and starboard positions. The gunnery deck has the port and starboard side ballista creating the bulk of its broadside offensive power.   The Avengers are a culmination of several projects combined. Custom clockwork weapons mounts from the Clockwork Dragon shop in Ptolus.   The actual Ballistas are crafted in Eberron so as to be magically paired and attuned to fire alchemical bolts and arcane elemental bolts.   If there is need the decanters may be angled up and out from the ship to be used as a weapon again another ship or possible boarding parties.    


      The framework and hull of the Calan is one solid piece of wood. It is speculated the ship was formed using the lost elven art of tree-singing and layered with true dweamors of a forgotten age. Although the ship can be damaged it "heals" those injuries over time returning to its original state. The Sungwood construction is very durable being able to withstand the punishments of war and battle.   The Calan radiates no magic from usual divination or magesight, while it is possible more powerful dweamors could pierce its veil.    

    Who's Who

      The Whispered One   The Whispered One is both mysterious and powerful. It is believed that he is a wizard of an ancient race of humans or maybe even fey-born or of celestial origins.   Captain   PENDING     Estra   Estra appears at first glance to be a rather large female warrior, possible a goliath, shrouded in layers of cloaks. Once the cloaks fall away, her obvious demon heritage is very clear. She has four arms each covered with a thin sheen of green scales that move and shift distorting the eye. Although her given name seems to have no history and little definition in study, in hushed whispers she is called the Daughter of Night. Estra acts as the Whispered One's left hand, playing a key role in member training, recruiting, special missions and arcane projects.      

    From the Mists

      In some stories, it is said the Calan sailed out of the mists beyond worlds, the mists that border the Domains of Dread. It is said the ship bore a different name, the Endurance. Obviously not true as no one escapes the borders of the Domains of Dread.
    Owning Organization
    120ft Rig
    500 tons
    10 mph
    9 knots
    (240 miles per day)
    Complement / Crew
    Important Articles
    Phoenix Watch
    Phoenix Prophecy
    Key of Creation
    Oath & Mark
    Artifact Shard

    Map Images


    Main Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Deck.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Deck by Sols & Duun

    Forecastle & Quarterdeck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Forecastle Deck.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Forecastle Deck by Sols & Duun

    Gunnery Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Gunnery.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Gunnery Deck by Sols & Duun

    Cargo Deck

    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Cargo.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Cargo by Sols & Duun


    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Sanctum.jpg
    Calan Phoenix Watch Ship Main Sanctum by Sols & Duun

    Artist Credits

    Maps comissioned by Graylion for the Shadow War by the talented Sols & Duun.


    Author's Notes

    The ship now known as the Calan started its career in my D&D campaign many years prior. Its inspiration stems from the ship named the Endurance from the Ravenloft Domains of Dread module named Ship of Horrors. This gives me the opportunity to reimagine it using World Anvil.

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    17 Sep, 2021 14:33

    Very nice read already! It is a quite interesting ship especially how it is seen and linked to several worlds. Making it out of one solid piece of wood must make it quite sturdy and able to prevent leaks.   You made a pretty good looking map as well for each layer :) especially the sanctum.

    Feel free to check out My Ship entry if you want to see what I am up to!
    17 Sep, 2021 16:04

    Thanks for reading and liked, glad you enjoyed the start and hope to finish this weekend.

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