Horn of the Seahorses and Dragons

You find a bright yellow conch shell, about the size of a human head, with gold bells and red and white kumihimo-braid ribbons, depicting the kanji for seahorses, dangling from the shell's protrusions. Holes are drilled into the sides to create distinct notes when the musician pushes enough air through the small end of the shell, so it works much like an ocarina.  


River Kami each lovingly make a single instrument in their lifetimes and magically imprint the use to only themselves. While it is possible for a human to play one if they have permission, the amount of breath needed to create the low, resonant notes makes it difficult to produce a sound.  


To call seahorses to the area. The song carries through both air and water and determines the purpose of the call. Sometimes the song is just a jaunty reel that a dragon plays to invite those around to join them for a dance, others it's the smooth poetry of a love confession, and others a shrill noted warning to flee, or a mournful goodbye to a loved one.  


Will you join:
Team Umeji Team Nakamura Team Soujoubou (Book 2) or all three?

When you choose the team with the secret(s) - the secrets(s) will appear.

Item type
Musical Instrument
Extremely rare
Prized heirloom in a dragon family. A true privilege to play if the horn is not your own.

Cover image: by Alan Cabello


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