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The Consuming Club

"You can always tell when the Club surfaces again, massacres that look like a menagerie was unleashed on a town or caravan, Except, well, I dont know many sharks that are attacking with wolves, small sea serpents, and sword-swallows in the middle of the Outh Mountains." - Maze Walker 

Mechanics & Inner Workings

By some fluke of magic, the Consuming Club does exactly what is sounds like, it consumes. It is believed to be related in some way to Astral Dreadnoughts. When the club is strikes something, a mouth snaps shut on the area of impact (what mouth and how this is determined are unknown, but it is always an animal mouth of some sort, and changes almost every swing) and eats the area in question. It doesn't matter if it is armored or not, a bit corresponding to what an animal would take is taken out of the object, person, or creature in question.  Where the material goes is unknown.


A sentient artifact that seeks to kill and consume, the Club is known to drive its wielders to bouts of violent madness. It is relatively easy to track the movements of the club if one knows what they are looking for, but often initially the clubs victims are written off as the victims of animal attacks. As more and more victims stack up, usually a ranger identifies that the "animals" in question are: -clearly magical as they are able to bite through leather and steal armor -not native to the area where the attacks happen.   Then someone puts up a bounty to find the current wielder some adventurers come, if they are experienced enough they dont succumb to the club and turn it over to some church somewhere, where it resides until it doesnt.
One of a kind


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