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Hipdram Hanagh (HIP'drahm HAN'agh)

The Hipdram Hanagh, or "First Jewel", is an ancient artifact kept in the main governmental building of Yzel.   Before the rise of the first queen, Yzel was an oligarchy ruled by a council of nobles. From this group, one was elected as the head and given the honorary titled of 'king'. This position was not inherently above the other members. Their job was to act as a leader through meetings, a tie breaker, and as a singular representative of the country's interests when dealing with foreign powers.   In order to show who had been given this responsibility, the Hanagh was constructed. At first, it was only called 'the jewel' and passed from head to head as they were elected.   After the ascension of the first queen, Elise Oida, in 450, she took control of the Hanagh. However, the construction of the her crown led to a decline in the use of the jewel as the crown became the symbol of the new monarchial system. On top of this, subsequent rulers wanted to distance themselves from the council and maintain their status as above it.   The title of 'jewel' came to be associated with the crown, and later, broach of the monarchy. This led to the original bracelet being given the name Hipdram Hanagh.   Rather than destroy it, the necklace was moved to the museum space within the main governmental building and kept as a national treasure and symbol of Yzel's history.


The choker style necklace was used by whoever had been elected as the official representative of Yzel during diplomatic relations and as the head of the council.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
5cm x 2cm x 5mm
Raw materials & Components
Four small sapphires sit at the corners of the main jewel, a large blue diamond. All are set in golden fittings, which are connected to a silver chain and clasp. This chain allows the wearer to adjust the size of the bracelet as necessary.

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