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Scale of the Serpent

The only scale of the Rainbow Serpent left, held within Heaven, seen only by the Angelic Core, and the Father. This item also holds great power, even a fraction of the Serpent power could turn the tides of the war, however none have ever been close to harnessing that power, so it sits idle, waiting to be used.

Current Study

Although information is sparce, the main use of the scale seems to be in a special Seal for ending the war. However information recovered indicated that this has been unsuccessful as of now. Otherwise is is taken for samples, and used in the development of new life, as well as uncovering anything the Serpent hid from The Father.


Found near Eden when it was first settled, transfered to Heaven within the hour, it was quickly stored in a protective vault. After a vote it was brought out for testing, there was a lapse in testing during the year of 52, as the idea for the seal was developed, but test resummed soon after,


Being the only surviving scale from the Rainbow Serpent, it is a item of immense value. Being from such a powerful person makes it contain immeasurable energy, as well as history. Most have never seen it, and those who have, have kept anything about it a closely guarded secret. Held within the throne room of the Father, but invisible, it is unknown if it has any use as of now.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Current Holder
Owning Organization
One of a kind
Base Price

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