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Ethyllean Automatica

Ah yes the, uh... the... wait let me take a look at this.
— All knowing Lohrk

The Ethyllean Automatica is an artifact of ancient times, which has a number of uses of which only one is easily decipherable. An excerpt from the blueprints details the use of the constructs way to vegetate the surrounding area. It is still unknown to what extend this "acceleration" can be used and for what particular flora and fauna.
On top of that, this mechanical construct also allows for extremely fast crop growth rates and is the standard gear for farmers and their land.
— translated from Varyllyean

Mechanics & Inner Workings


To activate the mechanism, the users hand is to be inserted in the Energy Input Chamber and Magicules have to be sent into the walls.


The Energy Tubes will then collect the magical particles and send them towards the Energy Refinement Unit, which in turn filters them, sends the clean energy towards the Rotation Chain and the excess towards the inner machinery, powering the artifact.

Main Mechanism

The Rotation Chains, spinning with the force provided by the engine, and combined with the output of Elemental Aether Jars, which hold Nature-elemented Aether, accelerate the energy to the point where the Aether Output Pipe sucks the newly combined particles in and shoots them out of the artifact.


I have never seen such a unique item. I will eagerly await the day of astonishment, when the people of Cathrea may encounter the use of this amazing artifact!
— All knowing Lohrk
Current Location

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13 Jul, 2021 18:51

I'm already liking the concept that you've come up with and there is still so much room to dive deeper into it! Keep me posted on the progress! :D

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13 Jul, 2021 18:56

I absolutely will, this will be the start of some industrial awesomeness! Also, be sure to keep me up2date with your articles as well. I love reading them! :D

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