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Elemental Aether Jar

Component #1/8: x x x, Starting Time: 3 5 1626: 8 55

A tub-like structure, stuck onto the main construct. Blueprint suggests it holds liquid. Theory supported by Abriar. Beginning research now.
— Excerpt of Whistles notes


The Elemental Aether Jar is not yet in existance. Furthermore, its name has yet to be discovered. The only indication of its existence is a blueprint, which is currently in possessions of Whistle, a young adventurer from The Silvermug. It is heavily being researched on in a facility him and his group recently bought.

Current Research Status

Whistle and his sprite Abriar have already determined that the jars are a component of the Ethyllean Automatica. It is also believed that they are supposed to hold some kind of liquid. The problem with the research is that the blueprints provided to them are written in Varyllyean, a language unknown to both of them. Through various testing the two have come to the conclusion, that the jars are probably made of some glass/metal alloy.
Time: 25 6 1626: 11 24 - Begin

Day 3 Study, Prototype components arrived. Testing now.
Test results: Tubs broke after experiments with different liquid poison

Time: 25 6 1626: 21 50 - End
Result: tub probably not meant for holding toxins.
— Testing notes

Whistle's Notes

Research Notes: Ethyllean Automatica
Document | Dec 11, 2021

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7 Dec, 2021 13:08

Nice read! The research note were a fun addition and fits well with the still unknown nature of the object. Do they have any educated guesses as to what it actually is supposed to do?   Btw don't know if it is supposed to be tub or tube? Tube seems more with the picture in my mind? :p

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7 Dec, 2021 13:13

Thanks for the read Kef, really appreciate it. It is supposed to be a tub-shaped object. It will get more clear when I manage to get a picture to the article.   Since the blueprints were given to Whistle by a god of the past as a challenge to figure out, the technology depicted on it is yet unknown to anyone on the globe. No educated guesses there. (The events leading up to it are in a novelette that will be posted like a week after WE ^^)

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7 Dec, 2021 13:18

allright will keep an eye out then :)

Feel free to check out my February Bestiary page if you want to see what I am up to!