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Circular Rotation Case

Component #4/8: x x x, Starting Time: 5 5 1626: 11 37

Case is most likely an essential component for #3 to be effective. One of the more complex parts. Inner workings not really clear. Abriar and I guess it protects the chain and acts as base for it to work. Beginning further research now...
— Excerpt of Whistles notes

Theorized Usage

The Casing is believed to be a long metal-like pipe that is not only open on both ends. but also cut open on two sides. Through one cut hole, particles of some kind will be taken in, through the other, two paths join together, suggesting a mixture of both the contents of the Elemental Aether Jar and another material. It is theorized that the mixture is shot out both ends by the Rotation Chain, while the remaining material is powering the chain and is the reason why it rotates.

Current Research Status

Materialistic Components

The Case itself will probably be made of hardened steel. The pipes that supply the main component with materials are essential to be out of Generic Astralica, an alloy that is both good at receiving and supplying Magical Particles. The hole that shoots the powering materials out is currently under prototyping using pure Sunstone, which is prone to eject Magicules at an insanely high speed.

Inner Workings

Todays research suggests that the case first gets a mixture of pure attributeless Magicules and liquid Aether that is supplied to the chains cup-like containers. The fuel material will then run through a pipe and power the chain, thus rotating it in its place. The rotating piece is safely placed and secured inside the case.
Time: 2 8 1626: 12 38 - Begin

Day 29 Prototyping
Prototype #4:9 Todays Test:
Injectionspeed - Shot
Test results: Sunstone seems to accelerate chain even faster. Still not optimal General Astralica mixture.

Time: 2 8 1626: 18 44 - End Results: 2m range. Might add the Aether Jar next.
— Test results

Item type
Current Location
Component for
Ethyllean Automatica
New theory: Liquid from Jars mix with aether.
Reasoning: Shape of liquid-pipes and lack of filters
Conclusion: Liquid and aether mix could add interesting properties to output...

will talk to alchemists about it
— Notes


The creation of prototypes is especially hard with this case, since there is no technique known to cast metal in such a specific way. The researchers started talking to smiths all around the Zvaarian Kingdom to research a way to create such components. A new way of casting is currently being researched where molds made of sand should hold out the heat and are excellent for complex builds (Metal Casting).

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21 Dec, 2021 16:16

I'm loving these engineering titbits with the current research status. ^^ Do you plan on updating the article when te research advances? That'd be super cool. :3   Keep up the good work!

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Thanks :D   I plan on releasing a full document where the research is detailled. Additionally, once my world "aged" I will update these, yes. That will actually be somewhat soon since I plan on doing that once my first manuscript is published in January ^^

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