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Rotation Chain

Component #3/8: x x, Starting Time: 5 5 1626: 11 22

A chain-like component. Blueprints suggest that it is used to accelerate and shoot materials. Essential towards the pipe-component #2, it serves the fuel for output.
— Excerpt of Whistles notes

Conducted Research


The use of this chain was not an easy one to theorize over. Since the blueprints depict a stationary picture, the thought of this component moving was an unnatural one. It is currently believed to carry, accelerate, and propel particles forward. Combined with the Aether Output Pipes properties and when inside a proper Circular Rotation Case (Component #4), the ejected material is filtered and could potentially shoot several meters.

Physical Structure

The chain is made of a complex array of small metal cups and plates, which act as connectors between two. Its design strongly resembles chromatized waterwheels with more flexibility. When rotated fast enough, the pressure on the cups get so intense that they will react and push the particles outwards.

Current Research Status

Caller and Shadow, two members of the research staff have started a secret project with blacksmiths from the Zvaarian Researchers Guild to find a way to produce this complex component. Various tests have shown that the chain itself can be made of simple hardened steel instead of magically infused metals, where the individual cups have to be made of Sunstone. Its porperty allows it to shoot out Magicules when in contact with it. Progress has been made and the first prototypes made of wood are already in testing in combination with component #2 and #4.
Time: 2 1 1627: 15 59 - Begin

Day 27 Meeting Notes
Topic: Production of Chain
Need new mold-concept,
Budget: 300gp, Ask Blacksmith association, Axe ate pencil,
fund new casting technique (?),
Mass produce?

Time: 2 1 1627: 17 44 - End Meeting Results: Will probably need to research casting techniques...
— Whistles notes
Axe, do you know where my pencil is at? I might have misplaced it... Oh you don't know? Man, I could've sworn I took that with me to the meeting. It was such a good one as well...
— Shadows conversation with Axe

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