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The law that rules all.

Credits: ecl1psed

The law of wonders

Magicules. Whether you find them beautiful or terrifying, one thing is certain: they are the basis of every creature in existence. And although far from every creature can feel them, they are essential to every single object in this universe.


After The Emergence  and the creation of the four celestial godfigures, they further created their eight primary gods:
  • Odie - The Ruler of Life
  • Kaskataar - The Reaper of Death
  • Sam'yra - The Sprout of Earth
  • Levieur - The Breath of Fire
  • Marayt - The Shielding Thunder
  • Thrast - The Guide to Hell
  • Sha'vier - The Warmother of Heaven
  • Pelzevaat - The Child of Water
These gods would end up creating The Avemoorian Solar System and with it, Cathrea.Over the course of tens of millenia, a huge number of subelements were created by the inhabitants of the planets.


Every creature that can grasp the power of magicules can manipulate them to the extent of its knowledge. They can be used in countless ways and for countless uses. A few of them are:


Alchemists mix different ingredients, and with them, different magicules, to create breathtaking items. Alchemists create everything from medicine to physique strengthening pills.


Specializing in support, scholars use channeled magicules to help others. Healing wounds, casting barriers, boosting morals, all of that can be done with a book, a wand and knowledge.


Creating powerful scrolls to trap your enemies, summon a sword or even open a temporary portal. Scriptmasters fight from the comfort of their own workshop and create these scrolls for the fighters to use.


Not your average blacksmith. A Magicsmith is not only a master of the forge, but also a master of runes. Although they are extremely rare, they can enhance weapons and armor by inscribing runes on them.


Every mortal creature has a chance of feeling magicules. The way they perceive these particles however, varies depending on their race. Races with some of the more unusual perception of magicules are:


Through the blessing of the gods, the Lightelves are granted the sight of these astonishing particles. As a result, they can weild their powers almost naturally.


Through their pure hearts, tireless efforts and dedication towards magic they eventually evolved into a species which can feel the magicule flow around them and perceive the world around them in that way.


Magicules are everywhere. Every region, every river, every desert palace, every ruin has them. There might be different kinds however, depending on the way they were manipulated in the past and are manipulated in the present.Different kinds of magicules have different influences on the environment. They can cause magical plants to grow, rivers to change color, the grass to rapidly change and many more. They can create huge storms, make it rain fire, or just let the sun shine for three entire blessings.

What will your path be?
Metaphysical, Elemental

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Author's Notes

This is a more detailed look into the fundametal law of Cathrea. I will add more content in the future, but if you have any suggestions for further expanding, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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