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Roxikyen's Research Facility

Ah yes, Roxikyen's Research Facility. It is the main place for research by the Roxikyen Inventures. Only recently did this organization and building come to be. Up until today, the 26th of the Second Blessing, 1627, did the members of the Inventures work on their very first ancient artifact in this exact building.
— All knowing Lohrk

Architecture and Design

While the outer architecture equals that of the other buildings in Itavyien, the inner design is something never before seen by any inhabitant of Cathrea. Abriar, the one in charge of interior decoration, has a very special taste in design, since she has seen many architectual styles of different planets from different times. She placed bronze cogs in various shapes and sizes on the walls, used some strange alchemy to turn the chimneys fire cyan, bought glass and replaced parts of the floor with it. She even got a glass box of some sort and put water and fish inside. The fey calls it an aquarium.

Purpose / Function

Initially built for normal housing purposes, the current use for the Research Facility lies within laboratory usage. The Roxikyens Inventures plan on expand their lab to unravel the pasts technology with better efficiency.


The facility once was a small multi-shop building where merchants could sell goods. Due to its suboptimal location, the tradehouse did not generate much profit and was put on sale only a few years after. After acquiring the building, Whistle, the leader of the Roxikyen Inventures revamped the entire building to suit his and his crews needs, thus creating Roxikyen's Research Facility.
Founding Date
20th of the Seventh Blessing, 1589
Alternative Names
The Lab
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Owning Organization

Conducted Research

The organization has only conducted research on one artifact thus far, the Ethyllean Automatica. It is the reason the entire team bought and renovated the Research Facility in the first place. Following the events of A Time Before Gods: A Book, the adventurers have created their guild and sought after a place they could decypher the found scripture, Abriar called "Blueprint".

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