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Automatica Case

Component #6/8: x x, Starting Time: 10 5 1626: 8 01

The casing. Can be researched later in the process due to its likely insignificance... Will need to look into it for clues on other components though. Research of structure starting now.
— Excerpt of Whistles notes

Basic Usage

This casing is the primary component to protect the inner parts. Its complex build allows it to perfectly wrap itself around the construct without getting in the way of its productivity. Since the machine produces waste, the blueprints show an integrated jar that is most likely used to collect and throw it out.

Current Research Status

Material Components

The components of the case itself are not yet defined. Not because the right material is yet to be found, because a lot of materials seem promising. Not only have there been magical materials working wonderfully with the build, which even add extra protective/repellant properties, but there have also been numerous alloys tested which work just fine on their own.

Manufacturing Process

The case is not an easy one to create. Due to its many ditches, holes, and precise carvings, the casting process is quite tedious. To recreate the blueprints exact depiction, the smithing guilds need a bit more time for research, but the Roxikyen Inventurers think that they can create the first promising prototype in about two months.
Time: 30 12 1626: 8 00 - Begin

Day 11 Research,
Focus: Ditches
Notes: Lots of places components might slot into. Jars may connect along the base... Are components of type #2 swappable? Main hole most likely connected with component #7. Consider all the holes as slots.

Time: 30 12 1626: 12 33 - End
Results: Reconsidered design, the case might be more complex than we thought...
— Research results
Item type
Current Location
Component of
Ethyllean Automatica
A name for all this would definitely make all this cryptic writing a bit easier... Well since our talks about machines "automating" tasks for someone, why not call it something along those lines? ..., what? It's a good idea! A great idea even!
— Whistle

Slotted Components

The case has a couple slots where additional components can be attached. On the bottom, Elemental Aether Jars will be stuck on, while on its mid-section, a glass container is pushed in, acting as a wastebin. Last but not least, on top, four Aether Output Pipes are slotted in which shoot out the finished Aether mix.

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