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Aether Output Pipe

Component #2/8: x x x, Starting Time: 4 5 1626: 11 20

Pipe that is presumably used as a case to eject materials. Conducting research on inner workings and potential protoype. Abriar will assist. Planning theories now.
— Excerpt of Whistles notes

Conducted Research

Theorized Output

The current research suggests that some non-liquid materials (most likely a form of small particles, magical/non-magical) are to be ejected from this component. Contrary to early beliefs, where it was thought to simple output liquid. To have a shorter name for the materials, Whistle and Abriar chose to call it Aether.

Material Components

Like most of the Ethyllean Automaticas components, it is believed to be of non-magical nature. The special properties of Moon/Sunstone are often counterproductive to the conducted tests.
C'mon Whistle, we can't just call it "nOn-lIqUiD-mAtErIaL" all the time! We need a catchier name, ya known.
— Abriar

Physical Description

The pipe-like component is made of a single metal rod which has holes drilled in a line. After each hole, a web is stuck into the pipe. It is for this exact component, that the team discarded the idea of liquids spraying out, since these filters would negatively impact water output.
Item type
Current Location
Current Holder
Time: 2 8 1626: 12 38 - Begin

Day 27 Prototyping
Prototype #3:5, Todays Test:
Sporeshot at high speeds.
Test results: Particles had minor problems passing through filters. Had a mess cleaning them...

Time: 2 8 1626: 18 44 - End
Results: Particles might be the answer. Progress
— Testing notes

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