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Energy Input Chamber

Component #7/8: x x x, Starting Time: 12 5 1626: 8 04

A glove. Use unknown, only current theory: component used to holding the machine. Abriar thinks there is more behind it. We'll see once further research is conduced. Beginning now...
— Excerpt of Whistles notes

Physical Description

This component is a hand-shaped block which is stuck to part #6, the Automatica Case. Additionally, five Energy Tubes (#8) are running from the fingertips towards part #5, the Energy Refinement Unit. Even though the glove looks fairly simple on first glance, the actual complexity the blueprints show can not yet be explored. The walls of the glove seem to have some mechanism behind them to move and adapt to the persons hands.

Currently Conducted Research

Material Components

The glove is probably made of some Sunstone/steel alloy which is prone to repel Magicules. While the correct ratio is yet to be found, it is pretty clear to the researchers that this component has to reject magic for the attached tubes to best transport it.

Theorized Usage

This component, as suggested by the blueprints, is a glove that is stuck onto the case. It is currently believed, that the user must insert their hand inside this component and send out Magicules through their fingertips into the connected pipes. Additionally, the glove has more complex components to it which seem to enhance the wearers comfort. These features will be ignored by the team until an actual version of the Ethyllean Automatica is built.
Time: 22 1 1627: 9 20 - Begin

Day 71 Research, Focus: Glove Usage New theory: Glove as injector. Components #8 are believed to transport magic --> glove might eject magic.
Seems promising, might overthink materialistic components, what if magicules are shot from the fingertips...

Time: 22 1 1627: 19 24 - End Results: Reconsidered design, the case might be more complex than we thought...
— Research notes
Item type
Current Location
Component of
Ethyllean Automatica
I think I finally see an end to this. I feel like we're close to completing this thing... We have the necessary technology, we have the funding, the knowledge, the failed prototypes, we did it all. We're almost there, and I couldn't be any more proud.
— Caller after a successful test run

Manufacturing Process

Since the new Metal Casting technologies have been invented and the research team can now create complex molds, the manufacturing process of the glove is not an issue anymore. Sunstone is first combined with some ordinary metal, which is then poured into a sand mold. When finished, it is then polished and combined with the other parts.

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11 Dec, 2021 20:27

Cool article! I always like some mystery!

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11 Dec, 2021 20:33

Glad you liked it ^^   It's my first time writing in such a style so this is still pretty new to me :D

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