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Energy Tubes

Component #8/8: x x, Starting Time: 13 5 1626: 11 44

Pipes that seem to transport something. Might be liquids? Or maybe particles? They are connected to #5 as well as #7. Probably a key component to the machine. Abriar suspects them to be of magical nature... Starting research now.

Theorized Materials

Although the first thoughts on the tubes material were those of metal, there could also be a chance of them being silk-made. Currently, the pipes are made of a complex mix of Generic Astralica and its components. It is an excellent material for both Magicule-input and output.

Currently Known Research

Known Usage

Currently, the tubes have only one known use, which is to transport Magicules from component #7 (Automatica Case) to component #5 (Energy Refinement Unit) where it then gets further filtered and distributed. The research also shows potential for this method to be a primary way of transporting Magicules with very limited loss.

Physical Description

The tubes are regular metal pipes, bent and joined together at a central point. In the machine, five of them, one on each finger, are built in and run into one central pipe that connects to the Energy Refinement Unit. Even though they are made of metal, it is suggested that there is a material bendable and more suited for this procedure which is yet to be discovered.
Time: 22 1 1627: 9 20 - Begin

Day 31 Prototype, Prototype Automata 0
Focus: Full Test
components fit together, #7 receives Magicules, #8 transfers correctly, #5 receives, #5 filters, #1 liquid is mixed, #4 receives fuel and materials, #3 rotates, #2 shoots
Time: 22 1 1627: 19 24 - End
— Test results
Item type
Current Location
Component of
Ethyllean Automatica
Could it be that the liquid is the essential thing that gives the machine its use? What if... we could hold attributes in liquid form and mix them on demand?! That could give the particles their purpose...
— Whistle to himself

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is rather simple. Even with conventional smithing or casting, these rods can be made. The only real struggle in the process is finding a skilled enough Magicsmith to do it, since working with Generic Astralica is not an easy feat.

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Cool! I would like to know more about Magicules

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12 Dec, 2021 19:21

Thanks ^^   I actually have an article on Magicules (which to be fair is pretty outdated) but I forgot to link it inside the article. I will try to link it here if you want to check it out :D

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