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Ah yes, Zvaaraes, the natures kingdom. Governed by family Zvaaria, this kingdom is known around the world for its thriving nature and its inhabitants. However, the royal family is not all flowery perfect and has its fair share of corruption.
— All knowing Lohrk


The Zvaarian Kingdom is ruled by a King or Queen. While their reign is absolute, they still have multiple influential royal, religious and market organizations that have representatives in the Zvaarian Council, advising on final decisions.


The Zvaarians are, in large, regarded as a peaceful folk that worship the goddess of earth, Sam'yra. Even when inhabitants worship other gods, they still have to respect the earth and will most likely partake in earth-related holidays, such as the Celestial Mahrajan of Nature.


The Founding Rumble

The Zvaarian kingdom had its beginnings with Natures Rumble. This event details a huge natural disaster where earthquakes and floods combined their might to destroy the central areas of Montoora. A righteous and humble family took it upon itself to evacuate and safe hundreds of inhabitants. Their man up front, Ergad'fiyu Zvaaria gained the respect of the people he saved and was crowned first king of the Zvaarian kingdom.

The Crowns Assassination

During the reign of Theovyl'lius Zvaaria the Second, the first big royal incident took place in Zvaaraes. Theovyl'lius was not a very... good king. He raised taxes, terrorized the citizens and enforced new laws that would benefit the royal blood only. Due to him not even considering to the common folks, nor the noble folks opinions at all, it was not long until he was assassinated during The Thirds Shot.

Religious Revolts

During the reign of the fifth heir of the throne and the second female successor, Nedufi'yani Zvaaria the Second, the Rise of Zvaarian Cults happened. During this time, the inhabitants started to show great interest in other religions that were not of earthen origins. While in the beginning, the royal family would detest and exile these inhabitants, the resolve of the common class was overwhelming. Through multiple incidents and strikes, the queen eventually gave in. With the compromise of both following Sam'yra and another god, the people of Zvaaraes were given their freedom of believe.

Zvaarian Forged Testimony

This is the most recent piece of history. Sir Illunpyuh Zvaaria, the current king, was told about the lies behind The Zvaarian Testimony. It was, against common believe, not given to the royal family by the goddess, but was instead forged by the hands of the assassinated king Theovyl'lius Zvaaria. This revelation shocked Sir Illunpyuh and drove him to expose his ancestors wrongdoings. He rallied the inhabitants of Zvaaraes, went to war against the nobles and brought down the faulty regime during The Zvaarian Revolt.

Demography and Population

While an average life expectancy is hard to pin down, due to all the different species living in Zvaaraes, it can still be said that the medicinal research, which is deeply tied with the herbal research, definitely helps treating the inhabitants illnesses greatly. The population itself is evenly split into the different counties.


A home of humanoids and wildlife alike, ruled by the Zvaarian king.

Technological Level

Zvaaraes is always a few steps behind in technological advancements. They value tradition over progress, yet do not detest innovation, since it is a form of self expression. New technological advancements are also often kept secret from other kingdoms as to not minimalize profit, thus leaving Zvaaraes even further in the past.


Zvaaraes policy states that every inhabitant has to follow the goddess of the earth, Sam'yra. Additionally however, the Zvaarians are also allowed to follow other religions as long as they would pay their respects for nature.

Foreign Relations

Zvaaraes has many different guilds that export expertly crafted goods. They have traderoutes not only to their neighbouring countries but all over the globe. Their strong presence in the seas also helps with travels over water as well as excavations under it.

Agriculture & Industry

Zvaaraes has one of Cathreas richest agricultural environments on Cathrea. Various flora and fauna flourish in the bounds of this kingdom, and the inhabitants made sure to profit off of it. Through the Zvaarian Lumberjacks, the kingdom has numerous woodworking productions and export huge amounts of wooden ornaments, artifacts, furniture and many more.

Trade & Transport

Due to Zvaaraes good relations with Ulk'inart, they are welcome to use the Montooran Anomaly, a portal connecting Montoora to every other continent. Through this connection, international traderoutes were built and relationships with other kingdoms were created.


The kingdoms educational level is relatively mediocre. Their core values lie in artistic expressions instead of academic success. The educational system in Zvaaraes is structured accordingly. There still are academies that offer a career in the research department, but these organizations more often than not will not receive the public recognition they deserve.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Natures Kingdom
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Gold Chips
Major Exports
Wooden Furniture
Wooden Magical Artifacts
Herbal Medicine
Major Imports
Magical Hardware
Legislative Body
Royal Scripter
Executive Body
Royal Zvaarian Guard
Zvaarian Military
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Notable Members
Related Species
Today is the day Zvaaraes rises. With natures blessing, a clear mind and a bright future ahead, we will build a kingdom for our children after the actual vision of the earthen goddess Sam'yra. A kingdom that not only protects its people, but also the world around them.
— Sir Illunpyuh Zvaaria


With Ulk'inart being a big supporter of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks, and commissioning numerous projects, the two kingdoms get along well. As a sign of friendship towards Zvaaraes, they received uninterrupted access to the Montooran Anomaly, expanding their traderoutes internationally.


Thorgea is a major importing kingdom for Zvaaraes and supply it massive amounts of magical and non-magical ore. Due to Thorgeas lack of flora, they often import massive amounts of herbal medicines and fruits from Zvaaraes.

Non-aggression Pact

Due to the events of The Silvertongin', an attack on the royal family of the Somarean Isles, the two kingdoms waged war against each other for many years. After countless dead bodies, they both agreed on a Non-aggression pact to stop the bloodshed. With the Isles suffering hundreds more losses, they resent the kingdom of earth to this day.

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