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Zvaarian Lumberjacks

Ah yes, the Lumberjacks of Zvaaraes. Men and women of the arts indeed. Despite their highly unfitting name, these incredible people don't just hack away at the nearest tree, no, they are most proficient in woodworking and carving. From jugs and chalices over various acessories to whole architectual monuments, the labour provided from the Zvaarian Lumberjacks is of very high demand. They are... enormously talented if I may say so myself.
— All knowing Lohrk


The Lumberjacks abilities are closely related with a subclass of the wooden Magicules attribute. Although great woodworkers can create astonishing pieces of art, the pinnacle of woodworking is reserved for the magically gifted ones. Considering this, the members of this union have their own rankings closely resembling the Universal Magicule Rankings.
Rank Description
Seedling The Beginners Tier
Oak Under Average
Spruce Average
Bloodwood Above Average
Carvers Fate Expert Level
Carvers Destiny Pinnacle Level
Carvers Sage Demigod Level

Naming Traditions

Family names

Those whose talents are enough to earn them a spot in the Zvaarian Lumberjacks will have a suffix added to their name. Each member of this culture will from this point onward proudly represent the title "of Lumber".


Shared customary codes and values

The Zvaarian Lumberjacks highly value muscularity and love to show off their body. Especially the males will run around topless and with ripped shorts, underlining their supreme physique. The women pride themselves just as much with their strength and will show you their superiority if ever disrespected.

Common Etiquette rules

The Lumberjacks resemble adventurers who know their ways around the taverns, just a bit more... extreme. Even though they could be confused with lunatics on the outside, when working they are surprisingly calm. Trust is a vital part in their lifestyle, treating friends like family and foes like archenemies.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Zvaarian Lumberjack dies, the body will be ashened, imbued with the magic of at least a Carvers Sun rank expert and buried in the woods together with a Divine Seed. The remains, combined with the Magicules will sprout a most astonishing tree worthy of the legacy the Lumberjack has left behind.
Lumberjack by ecl1psed
Lumberjack by ecl1psed
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