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Carvers First Commission

Ah yes, the Carvers First Commission. A ceremony where a Zvaarian Lumberjack accepts his first big scale job. As proof of self sufficience, the woodworker has to aquire all the ingredients and work on the piece themselves.
— All knowing Lohrk


Since the Zvaarian Lumberjack Unions creation, the woodworkers set out to live by a couple of values, strength, trust and passion being the big three. So to celebrate and embrace those values, upon receiving their first big commission, the Carvers First Commission, the lumberjacks will be left solely on their own to produce the best piece of wood they have ever created while embracing the three big values of their clan withing themselves. Strength has to be exerted to chop off and carry the harvested wood, the trust in your skills has to be unwavering and the passion for the craft has to be endless. What started as a test of courage in the years 1020 to 1023 was then turned into an official tradition in the year 1036.


The Carvers First Commission will be started, as soon as a Zvaarian Lumberjack receives their first big contract, scaling from a highly crested door to a massive ornament made of wood. The fated juniors will then step into seclusion, not being allowed to communicate with their fellow woodworkers. They will be granted entry into the Wooden Haven, a place providing them every tool imaginable needed for the task. Fresh food will be available during the entirety of the event. Their full attention is to be given towards the wood, the tools and the goal in mind. This process can range from a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on the size of the project.


Once the piece is handed in and good feedback has been given, the youth can join his family and friends again. A huge festival will already be organized and during the celebration, a new set of clothes, the Veteran Lumberjack Attire, will be bestowed upon them. With this, the former juniors are officially veterans of the clan, receiving respect and more freedom inside the union. On top of that, they are now allowed to take in their own disciples and will probably be scouted by a more experienced master.
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