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Wooden Haven

Ah yes, the Wooden Haven. This magnificent construct was built by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks almost 600 years ago. While in the past it served as a palace for the most profound woodworkers, its purpose has refocused on functioning as the most prestigious workshop in all of Cathrea. This building has produced some of the greatest wooden artifacts the realm of Cathrea has ever seen.
— All knowing Lohrk

Purpose / Function


The leaders of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks used to live here to work on their own projects or to conduct research in different areas of woodworking. Back then, in the years 974 up to 1036, noone was to enter this palace except in case of extreme emergency. The only ones who were allowed to enter were the husbands, wifes and kids, as well as one hand picked student by each member of the unions council respectively.

In present times

Today, the halls of the Wooden haven are more open to the younger generation. The council members moved out, redesigned and repurposed the palace in 1036. It is now used to accomodate the lumberjacks that are working on their First Commission, as well as those which were given an extra big project to work on. For those big projects to happen inside the Wooden Haven, the representative will have meet with the council to decide if they can use part of the palace.


When it was first built, the Wooden Haven had less working space and more living areas. Since then, its rooms were redesigned to fit various research facilities, more rooms with carving equippment, rooms with refining equipment, simple tannery and weaving stations and alchemical facilities. Bedrooms and other necessities are still present however. There are still two three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and a grand community kitchen, which was only recendly built.


The Wooden Haven is entirely constructed of different kinds of wood which the founders of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks were set almost immediately. The base wood, which was used the most, was regular spruce. The detailling and ornamenting was done with the use of Ignis Divine Trees, which were refined to Flamebarrier Wood. Through proper structure, these magical materials protect the palace from the dangers of fire. The architecture of each room is designed individually to fit each in its own way. Each room has its own set of protective divine tree material built into it so to not damage the structure on accident.
Founding Date
32nd of the First Blessing, 1049
Parent Location

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13 Dec, 2021 16:02

Love the difference between its historical and modern use! Glad to see that the palace has opened up for the Lumberjacks to provide a place to master their skills.   Keep up the good work! :D

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