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Veteran Lumberjack Attire

Ah yes, the Veteran Lumberjack Attire. A most magnificent set of clothing that showcases a Lumberjacks expertise. Other than the usual, rather light wardrobe of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks, these esteemed garments are more formal.
— All knowing Lohrk

Physical Description and Materials

The Veteran Lumberjack Attire is made up of four pieces of clothing and one accessorie. Each member of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks can choose a color that is woven into their set. This is to symbolise individuality and creativity. Each of the five components has its own magical and non-magical properties.


The headband is made up of three individually woven strings of different colors. A brown one, a green one and a custom colored one, each representing an aspect of Woodworking.
Headpiece by ecl1psed - Heroforge
Brown String
Representing resilience and the connection to the earth, the woven string is made up of fine linen. The shade of brown can vary depending on the wood that is used in their project during the Commission.
Green String
Representing harmony, tranquility and peace, this strand connects the wearer not to earth, but to nature itself. While the brown is the root and bark, green is vegetation and growth.
Individual String
Representing creativity and personality, this strand is of magical nature. It is made of Heated Silk which regulates the body temperatures in cold environments, letting the lumberjacks work in more extreme conditions outside.


A longsleeve chestpiece made of various leathers and metals. Both the light and dark brown leathers are crafted from Dentroga hide. Additionally, before crafting the darker one, its hide was alchemically turned into Frostbit Hide which repels heat and regulates high temperatures. The colored elbow pieces are multilayered and have both an outer Frostbit layer and an inner Heated layer.
Chestpiece by ecl1psed - Heroforge


The legpiece itself is comprised of the pants part and the mantle part.
Crafted with a mix of normal and Frostbit Hide, the pants of the attire are thicker tanned at the base than at the ends.
This last piece of the set is made of normal and Heated Silk. While some wear the mantle around the year, most lumberjacks choose to work without it in the summer.
Legpiece by ecl1psed - Heroforge


The one accessorie every Zvaarian Lumberjack gets for completing their first commission is a custom Spacial Backpack. Its volume varies depending on their displayed expertise and the initial difficulty of the commission.

Manufacturing process

The lumberjacks work closely with the best tanners, weavers, alchemists, incriptionists and blacksmiths to create the different parts for the attire. Especially the alchemists are very collaborative with the other divisions to ensure the right amount of magical threads and leather. Inscriptionists, even if not directly mentioned, are essential to help with the finishing touches on the magical hide and silk. Since the creation of the pieces is devided in these different organizations, the individuals decided to work on these items together under the Zvaarian Adventurers Guild.


The Veteran Lumberjack Attire was first introduced in 1036 with the first official Carvers First Commission in form of a tradition, rather than an unofficial test. While in the first few years its design changed quite a lot, the newest look was decided on in 1233, and is still given to the ones who succeed in the commission today (Current Date).
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Related ethnicities
Raw materials & Components
Fine Silk
Generic Astralica
Heated Silk
Frostbit Hide
Fleshing Blade
Rounded Blade
Magic Tinkerers Graver
Lumberjacks Attire Front Blue by ecl1psed - Heroforge
Lumberjacks Attire Back Blue by ecl1psed - Heroforge

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Cover image: by ecl1psed - Heroforge


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