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The Silvermug

Ah yes, The Silvermug. This town is known for its many tourist attractions and as a central resting place for merchants. From taverns with beautiful elvish women, over festivals occuring almost daily, to underground pubs and gorgeous resting options, this town has it all. Maybe I will visit this place for ourely... analytical purposes.
— All knowing Lohrk


Most of Silvermugs inhabitants work in inns, taverns, brothels or other leisure shops. All kinds of ethnicities and cultures unite in this town to let loose and have agreat time. The ones to own these different markets amass vast amounts of welath, since tourists are here to quite literally, throw golden coins at their feet.

Not only tourists and fun are the reason this town stays afloat, travelling merchants, seeking a warm meal and sleep after a long day of work. What better place than The Silvermug to relax and have a nice refreshing beer.


Since the leasure feel of the town should not be disturbed by high walls and lookout towers made of cobble and bricks, the Falaelian Barony commissioned a spacial artifact, built by the headmaster of the Zvaarian Adventurers Guild. This extraordinary device, called the Spacial Silvermug Pearl, is able to detect enemy movements up to two kilometers from its current location, when getting its maximum input of Magicules. With this device, the guards, wearing festive clothes over their armor, always know when danger is lingering in the air.


The Silvermugs tourists often travel from outside the Falaelian Barony, just to enjoy a few days in this joyful town. Most of them stay in inns, providing them with fresh delicious foods, liquor and a comfortable bed.


Everything in Silvermug shines with a faint light of orange or violet. Beautiful trees are planted throughout the town and lanterns are precicely placed onto them, with purple flames dancing in the moonlight. The different structural designs of each building make the settlement look fresh and exciting. A tourist could easily loose themselves in this beauty for many days.
Alternative Name(s)
Pleasure Bay, Lucky Docks
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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