Ah yes, the Que'lim. A humanoid race, best described as a mix between humans and felines with the addition of wings. This species is one of the four major races on Cathrea. Kings and Queens, famous heroes and grand scholars, Que'lims have done it all.
— All knowing Lohrk

Basic Information


Que'lim are a humanoid race. Their body mostly equals that of Humans, but they have feline eyes, ears and tail. This race develops wings in different shapes and sizes during their childhood. Female and male Que'lim are distinguished in the same way, humans distinguish between sexes, with the addition of the difference in the tail. While females have a smoother one, males typically have a rougher, more bushy one.

Body Tint

The Que'lims skincolor is more varied than that of humans. Depending on the surrounding area, their innate physical quirk, called Limsic Skinbarrier will morph their skincolor to a more colorful one. This process does not hurt, but depending on the Magicules around them, their skin will adapt to its color.

Growth Rate & Stages

Que'lim do not have visible wings right after birth. Over the course of their early years, usually up to the age of 22, their wings will start developing. The males will, on average, start their wing-growth one or two years later than the females.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Que'lim aren't particularely smarter than other species, but due to their poor perception of magic, a lot of them started academical careers. The non-magical market is run by a few influential Que'lim families. These developments have spread myths about the Que'lim being overall smarter than other species.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Que'lim have excellent eyesight and have no problem navigating in the dark. They however, have below average magical perception and mana pools. This results in most Que'lim having physical type Personal Attributes and professions of low magic usage.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Silvertongue Seadogs are currently lead by a Limsic family called Family Seadragon. Additionally, the leader of the Roxikyens Inventures, Whistle is a Que'lim.

Beauty Ideals

While beauty standards are highly dependend on culture, it can be said that Que'lim generally idealize long hair on both male and female. It is a sign of strength and resolve to have long tidy hair.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Que'lim have their own language, Limsish. Most of them, however, know Common alongside local dialects and languages.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The Que'lim are divided, regarding the Limsic Skinbarrier. Some find it to be a blessing and a sign of individuality, and some find it to be a curse, layed upon them by demonic presences. Those who worship and embrace the changed skin often celebrate the Tintfestival. There are many practices, like Tintbreaking, that supposed to dampen the effects of Skinbarrier.
Average Height
male: 185cm
female: 170cm
Average Weight
male: 85 - 100kg
female: 70 - 90kg
Related Organizations
Average Wingspan
male: 255cm
female: 245cm

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