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Silvertongue Seadogs

Ah yes, the Silvertongue Seadogs, a bit wild for my tastes but you will not find a city this big with more comradery. Even though these people are now known as a bunch of pirate hardies, their history predates even the city they live in and goes back to a noble family in the early 1000s.
— All knowing Lohrk

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ceceile, Emilia, Jade, Kathr'yne, Mary, Mira, Noryne, Rosalee

Masculine names

Bastian, Garmaw, Hedge, Ketas, Killian, Lars, Paul, Wheaton

Family names

Examples of influential family names: Seadragon, Brightplank, Joltheart


Major language groups and dialects

The majority of the Silvertongue Seadogs speak Common. And even with some groups speaking in their native language for a more personal connection, almost everyone has their own pirate dialect they communicate in. Typical sailors wording is universally used in every language which sometimes makes it hard to talk to tourists.

Common Etiquette rules

Respect is a key trait for anyone living in the Docks, so a taverns rules, a captains oders or a promise is to be respected. There aren't many ways in the city to punish the disrespectful, but the other citizens make sure the respect is upheld and will act accordingly.

Common Dress code

It is aspired to wear fancy leather pirate attire by most of the Silvertongue Seadogs. Depending on their wealth, most of them will however dress in simple leather or linen garment.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The most widely known tradition within the Silvertongue Seadogs are the Raids for Silver and Glory, where two of the strongest pirate crews go hunting for 30 days in the Montooran Depths. Whoevers captain returns with the most bounty would be crowned the new Captain Silvertongue, and with it, the leader of the Docks.

Historical figures

There are numerous historical figures that shaped the Docks to be what they are today. The most influential people were Garmaw Silvertongue, the founder of the Docks, Hedge Joltheart being the youngest pirate ever to be crowned Captain Silvertongue, and Ceceile Seadragon, the current and second youngest Captain Silvertongue.
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