Family Seadragon

Ah yes, the Seadragons. This family governs the Silvertongue Seadogs. The current captain of the family, Ceceile Seadragon, not only leads her own specialized crew, but also has the power to mobilize all pirates living in the Silvertongue Docks and scuttle enemie ships.
— All knowing Lohrk



Those who are awarded the Silvertongues Tricorne shall not only be the captain of the Silvertongue Docks, but also be promoted to the head of the Seadragons family. To be awarded this position, the pirate has to earn the respect of their mates, as well as conquer the mighty oceans and bring wealth to the family and the docks.

First Mate

The captains spouse is often the second in command. They do not have to bring a lot of treasury, but have to earn the respect of the captains crew as well to stand besides the captain. The First Mate is in charge of the family and the docks in case the Captain isn't able to.


Depending on the competence the First Mate shows, the quartermaster is the 2nd or 3rd in command. In the case of the Seadragons, every family branch has their own Quartermaster who reports directly to the Captain or their First Mate. In their own family branch, they are often regarded as "Captains" themselves.


The "normal" members of the family. Each pirate on this rank is still highly capable and enjoys the shelter their surname holds.


The Seadragons culture is a simple one. The families leader is determined by their success and respect, rather than their age. To outsiders of the pirate life, they seem barbaric, heartless and ferocious, yet to hearties and scallywags, the Seadragons are an embodiement of glory, fearlessness and strength. The family is no stranger to adopting promising talent in the Silverotngue Docks and surroundings. As long as the pirates end up with the surname Seadragon, there is a place for them in their crew.

Captains of Sea and Sky alike

Alternative Names
Family of the Briney Deep Skies
Leader Title
Family Leader
Controlled Territories
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Turn! Turn yer fucking sailor! Thats the Silvertongues! Fuck this shipment, I want to live and not become the Silvertongues Tithe!
— Captain of a Merchant Ship
Silvertongue Docks
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