Ceceile Seadragon

Captain Silvertongue Ceceile Seadragon

Avast ye! Look at this then, a bunch o' fine dogs me young lass brought my way. Ye look real beat up me friends, been in some sorta scrap aye? Well settle down younglings, we'll getcha all cleaned up and fed nicely. OI, PELGREM ME LAD, BRING THEM FINE GUESTS A BARREL O' BOOZE! AND TAKE THEM DUFFLES WITH YA! Now, why don'tcha listen to a story of mine 'bout drawing steel and the greatest booty of 'em all.
— Ceceile Seadragon

Personal Attribute: Dead Mans Booty

The Dead Mans Booty is an artifact of the Water Element, containing a random powerful weapon everytime it is opened. This weapon can range from a waterbow to a two handed switchblade. It is said that this skill adapts to the battle and provides a weapon best suited to the situation.
The Dead Mans Booty can not create more than one weapon at a time. It is a channeling spell, meaning it constantly drains Magicules to sustain its current form. Even though the aquired steel is most suitable for a given situation, what it ultimately comes down to is the casters creativity of handling it.

Physical Description

Body Features

Ceceile Seadragon prides herself with the tattooes on her body. Every treasure captured by her crew is eternalized in form of ink. Her muscular statue aids her in battle and leaves even the strongest lads in awe.

Facial Features

Ceceiles face reflects the treasures and dangers of the seas. Her eyes move like tides in the seas, her golden jewelery reminds her crew of the future treasures to be found, and her scars, patches and wounds warn the weak from the inevitable dangers awaiting them on ship.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ceceile Seadragon was born and raised in the Silvertongues Docks mostly by her father, as her mother, Jade Seadragon was constantly on deck, exploring the wide seas of Cathrea. Growing up, she showed tremendous talent as a leader and for the art of piracy. She became the youngest captain of Zvaaraes and the surrounding land at the age of fifteen. On her 23rd birthday, the Silvertongues Tricorne was given to the young lass and her legacy only became more legendary from that day onward.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ceceile Seadragon has a vast collection of trophies and ancient artifacts to showcase her achievements. The biggest accomplishments however are often the ones not for show:
  • Youngest Captain in Montoora
  • Second Youngest Heir of the Silvertongues Tricorne
  • One of the most influential Captains on Cathrea
  • The Captain to let the Silvertongues flourish the most


Ceceile Seadragon

spouse (Important)

Towards Bastian Seadragon



Bastian Seadragon

spouse (Important)

Towards Ceceile Seadragon




Ceceile and Basitan met at the northern shores of Animohrs, the continent of the undead and the home of Death itself. On one of the greatest expeditions in the Silvertongues history past Montooras waters, Ceceile fought with Basitans crew on the open seas. After the battle was over, she captured Bastian and sailed back to her home town. On the way there however, the crew lead by Captain Silvertongue herself was attacked numerous times and her life was saved by Bastian. Through his prowess and earned respect, he was offered a spot next to her as her spouse. Details in A Tale of Undead Bounty

Currently on Board of
Seadragons Conqueror
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Conqueror of the Seas, The Seadragon Reincarnate
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
4th of the Eighth Blessing, 1579
Year of Birth
1579 AAP 63 Years old
sapphire blue
Braided, silver red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
almond brown, tattooed
Quotes & Catchphrases
Out to sea we sail. To ye dogs I promise, treasures will await, as death is nothin' more than a joke to meself!
— Ceceile Seadragon

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