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Seadragons Conqueror

Ah yes, the Seadragons Conqueror, or Seas Conqueror for short. The primary Man-O'-War of The Silvertongues. Their current captain, Ceceile Seadragon is feared all over the globe, yet this ship carries an even greater legacy, swallowing up even the greatest pirates in an instant.
— All knowing Lohrk

Purpose / Function

The Seadragons Conqueror is a huge battleship, with the space for around 210 pirates. It is used in almost every major battle, be it offensive or defensive, and plays a vital part in The Silvertongues wealth.


The one thing that always kept The Silvertongues on top of the foodchain was their will to adapt. They put certain traditions and rules behind them to freely expand. The Zvaarian Lumberjacks: A Union, to this day, maintain the ship, add new and useful parts and remove unnecessary or outdated ones. This constant cycle of maintaining, repairing and conquering is the mindset of the Seadragons, bringing their entire crew glory and fame.


The Seadragons Conqueror main deck was beautifully carved with wood from various Divine Trees, mixed together with Coral Maple and Black Cherry tree wood. Streaks of Sunstone were placed all over the Man-O'-War to show prestige and wealth. Four big sails made of the finest jade stand high and prideful on the ship, and a beautiful crow's nest, decked out with golden ornaments was placed on the two middle ones. At the front, right before the captains cabin, a Sea Serpents head was majestically placed. Made of only the finest wood, decorated with various combinations of Sun- and Moonstone, the serpents head is an intimidating sight.


This heavily armed ship was specially made by the 4th leader of the Zvaarian Lumberjacks. This expert, who reached the pinnacle of the Carvers Destiny rank, together with three of his handpicked disciples, also of the Carvers Destiny rank, worked four entire years on the design, the build and the magical enhancements. Once this monumental battleship was finished, The Silvertongues went on to become one of the most dominant pirate crews on all of Cathrea.
Alternative Names
The Azure Dragons Maw
Vehicle, Ship
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Aye ye dogs! Getcha guns 'n throatslashers! I wanna see all hands on deck NOW! We 'ave a seadog at sight.
— Ceceile Seadragon

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