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House Silvertongue

Ah yes, House Silvertongue, the eventual inhabitants of the Silvertongue Docks. However, back when they were still known as a noble family residing in Civiqua, they would produce some of their cities most prominent minds in recent history. Quite a rich background, don't you think... haha...
— All knowing Lohrk


House Silvertongue was a noble elven family that acted accordingly. Their culture was very self centered which became their downfall in the later stages of their lineage. They would only marry into other noble families and nurture their own talents. There was no way of getting into the familys inner circles without being of noble and elven origins oneselves. To the public eye, House Silvertongue was an array of perfect elves that was active in many academic disciplines.

Public Agenda

Once being one of the five noble houses on the Somarean Isles, House Silvertongue was competing in influence through accomplishments and merit. Having powerful mages, scholars or heroes would measure the political influence of their own house.


Rise to Nobility

House Silvertongue wasn't always of royal status. They used to be a normal farmers family that was a bit more gifted by Magicules than the average household. They however rose to a more noble status after the hero Holiadon Silvertongue achieved the Runic Sage rank through leaving his home and exploring the, at that time unknown, northern parts of the Somarean Isles. He was the first creature to ever be this proficient in Runic Tinkering on the Isles. His influence would be the beginning of House Silvertongues noble reign in 703 AAP.

Silvertongues Bloom

Through life preserving runes, Holiadon could lay a solid base for his family to thrive on. Before he passed he asked his children to honor his legacy and keep on the righteous path of exploration. They did as he asked and as a result, became the second most influential house on the Somarean Isles, right after House Projishk'yi. The year was 760 AAP when the family finally had top representatives under the professions of Scholars, Runic Tinkerers, Alchemists and Attributed Artificers. The Silvertongues had produced the leading Magicsmith and the kings personal Royal Sage that year as well. 760-763 AAP are recorded in the Somarean history books as The Golden Age of the Silvertongues. The family branched off and spread their influence even further. The main-branch however stayed in their hometown Civiqua.

The Beginning of the End

The rise of House Silvertongue crashed to rubble as fast as they appeared. While the family saw a linear decline in their influence due to lack of pinnacle talent, they were still the 4th most influencial political party on the Isles. In 1089 AAP, the year of birth for Garmaw Silvertongue, the crash of his family would begin. He grew up in Civiqua as part of the main-branch of his family. His rash and behaviour, unfitting for a noble elf was highly stressful to his parents. His father died young during the Canal War and as a result, Garmaw was the only child in his family. Ending up an outcast after incidents in the Somarean Coastal Guard, he swore to bring down the Silvertongues and start a new lineage of his own.


In The Silvertongin', founded by Garmaw after he left the Isles and travelled to the Zvaarian Kingdom, attacked his former home, and even though he himself had passed away, his grandchildrens grandchildren honored his wish and eradicated the noble houses highest family. This effectively ended the influencial reign of House Silvertongue. The pirate crew came with a few extra ships prepared and liberated some of the side-branches competent elves. Now, the majority of the Silvertongues were no more nobles, but pirates and sailors.

In present times, the Silvertongue Seadogs are one of Montooras biggest pirate crews and have built their own city. Meanwhile, House Silvertongue has declined to a mid-sized traders family that provides locals with various items, foods or drinks. It is no longer a "House" and the ones under the name Silvertongue had long changed their names to "Tongued".

528 AAP - 1301 AAP

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