Garmaw Silvertongue

First Captain Silvertongue Garmaw Silvertongue

I will show you all. All of you I say! Don't your grandchildrens grandchildren dare crawl up my successors asses, BEGGING, for mercy when the time comes! My crew will have you lot burned to ashes. That, I promise you.
— Garmaw Silvertongue

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Garmaw Silvertongue was a muscular, pale pirate. Even though he had a big frame, he would often get laughed at for his abnormally pale skin. He suffers from Blightskin, a condition that not only makes it impossible to tan, but also causes hairloss.

Body Features

Due to his condition, Garmaw had no hair on his body. He instead tattooed a bunch of spots on his head to at least make it feel a little closer to - well, hair. Aside from his illness, he had an enormously muscular body that was well defined and aided him in the battle for the Silvertongue Docks. He trained for his physique every day while on the ship he sailed towards Zvaaraes.

Facial Features

He sustained numerous scars in his battle for the docks and they showed. His crew had only one Life Cleric on deck who was mediocre at best. Even though his peers admired his battle worn look, he hated it with a passion since it showed his inexperience and imperfections.

Identifying Characteristics

Garmaw Silvertongue was an advocate for facial accessories and would be easily identified by his numerous piercings, scars and tattooes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Younger days

Why... why can't he be normal like the other kids of his status? We have given him everything my dear, and he still won't try. I just want our kid to lead a life befitting his family name.
— Solana Silvertongue about Garmaws future
Growing up in Civiqua, the city that would go on to become the capital of the Somarean Isles, Garmaw Silvertongue was the only child of the Silvertongue high nobles. His mother, the lightelf Solana Silvertongue, married his darkelf father, Elandrel Weavria, and brought him the status of a rich man. Unfortunately, he later died in the Canal War. Garmaw had the backing of his parents all his life but yearned for accomplishments of his own. Academical prowess was never the field he wanted to improve in, even though his parents pressured him into becoming a Scholar or an Attributed Artificer.
When they saw that the increased pressure didn't lead to success in the realm of magic, they secured him spot in the Somarean Coastal Guard. At the age of sixteen, he enrolled in the guard and quickly discovered his love for the seas.

Coastal Guard

After joining the Somarean Coastal Guard, Garmaw Silvertongue worked his way up the ranks, not with his strength and toughness, but rather through coincidental opportunities and a witty brain. He would purposefully sabotage the ships on a minimal scale and propose a solution on the spot, earning him a spot next to one of the Sailing Masters of the guard as a Junior Cartograph. He wasn't at all bad at his job, helping the Sailing Master to optimize their routes and plan a few new ones over the years as well. At the age of 26 however, the crew found out about Garmaws swindle to the top and cast him out. He swore to return with an army, ready to burn their houses to the grounds. He hated them for banishing him, not only from his position in the Coastal guard, but also from the entire city of Civiqua, even though he had helped them tremendously over the past few years.
As a reward for commitment towards the guard, I hereby invite ye, Garmaw Silvertongue, to become me apprentice Cartographer. May the seas be unknown no more, and may Civiqua bloom through yer promotion. Welcome, young sailor. For Somarea we sail!
— Hanford Padley, Sailing Master of the Somarean Coastel Guard

Late Life

Brothers! Sisters! Today is the day we set sail! We will build our own future. Free of the injustice, free of the "noble" status, free of Somarea! In our future, the successful will lead! Those who have the strength, the wits or the knowledge, will lead! Now let's go, the seas are waiting.
— Garmaw Silvertongues speech before leaving Civiqua
Garmaw left Civiqua and the Somarean kingdom. Before he did so however, he recruited some of his trusted friends he made while in the guard to join him and sail towards a better life. Finally, on his last day before his banishment, he and his crew of ten snuck out at dawn into the guards bay, stole a ship and sailed into the sunset without knowing their next destination. They settled on sailing towards the kingdom of nature, the heart of soil and life, Zvaaraes. On their way there, they encountered numerous ships which mostly avoided them, due to their Civiquean flag. Once in Zvaaraes, Garmaw and the crew invaded a small fisher hamlet and made it their own. On the 18th of the Seventh Blessing, 1118, at the age of 28, Garmaw Silvertongue was named the First Captain Silvertongue of the Silvertongue Docks.


Scholars Apprentice

Garmaw Silvertongues first job was one his parents landed him as a scholars apprentice at the age of 12. He quickly got suspended however due to numerous instances of purposefully replacing grimoires with... nude magazines?

Alchemical Apprentice

He continued his academic career for another three years and landed a spot as an apprentice Alchemical Gatherer. After his third time exploring the wilderness and bringing back highly explosive Boomshrooms, just to let the alchemists cauldron explode, Garmaw was, again, suspended from that position.

Coastal Guard

Lastly, Garmaw found himself at the Coastal Guard and spent a solid 10 years working in the name of Civiqua. At 26, he was then cast out entirely and sailed away in hopes of a better future.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Garmaw is known in present times as the founder of the Silvertongue Docks and one of the greatest pirates to ever live, even though he wasn't much of a conqueror of the seas himself. He paved the way for his kids to live a life of freedom and choice. He is the reason why the Silvertongues traditions are what they are today.

Failures & Embarrassments

In the late 1090s and early 1100s, Garmaw was known in his town as the scoundrel that didn't live up to his parents expectations. He was the only child of the Silvertongues main lineage and took it to the grave. His offspring would soon be known, not as a noble family, but as a pirate crew. To say that the Somarean Isles were disappointed in him would be an understatement.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
2nd of the Fourth Blessing, 1089
Date of Death
30th of the Fourth Blessing, 1128
1089 AAP 1128 AAP 39 years old
Place of Death
deep blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white
173cm or 5'7''
Quotes & Catchphrases
Ahh, nothing like-
"nOtHinG lIkE fReEdOm, I get it dad! You don't have to keep saying it every morning"
— Mira Silvertongue

Underappreciated? HA, I could tell ya stories about that for days, kid.
— Garmaw Silvertongue
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements

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