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Silvertongue Docks

Ah yes, the Silvertongue Docks, a pirate city on the eastern coast of Zvaaraes. Locally known as "The Docks", this pirate city is goverened by strength, and has made a lot of connections throughout its kingdom. Its influence not only runs in the pirate business, they also control a large chunck of exports and imports over seas.
— All knwoing Lohrk



The Docks are populated by the Silvertongue Seadogs and they consist of a variety of species. The majority of inhabitants are of elvish nature (Darkelf, Lightelf) as well as Que'lim with a combined 60%. Some Humans and Maraas also make up around 30%. The last 10% are comprised of different Goblins, Dragonborn and more.

Wealth and Professions

Most of the docks population are either lumberjacks, fishers, cooks, sailors or pirates. Most families are on the poorer side, yet earn enough money to live a normal humble life. The people inside the same district often know each other and depending on the respect they have for each other, will help out where they can. The really wealthy are often either Captains of pirate ships or are of magical nature and provide labor of different sorts to the docks.


The strongest pirate may inhabit the title of Captain Silvertongue and command the entire city. They can also appoint a First Mate and a Quartermaster of their choice. Every inhabitant of the Silcertongue Docks has to give a base cut of income towards the citys treasury which will be used to build ships, housing, etc. Additional coin of tax is marked in a persons record, which will be looked at when one requests additional help from Captain Silvertongue, be it financial, political, or physical.
Those who won't help wont get any. We are a crew an' those who ain't respecin' they own mates won't 'ave a good time!
— an old sailor


Since the Silvertongue Docks are sheltered by mountains on one side, and the open seas on the other side, there aren't many defenses needed. However, there are still lookout towers located on top of the mountain range that closely survey the area. The Seadragons Conqueror, the biggest Man-O'-War in the Docks is mostly in its port and has pirates constantly looking out towards the seas for any incoming dangers.


The Silvertongue Docks control the biggest port of the entire zvaarian kingdom. A market stretches across the entire citys shore that is known around the continent. It is a hotspot not only for food and drinks, but also for various kinds of trading. Districts built in the side of the mountain often have bridges connecting paths or houses. The Docks are in no way the safest city to traverse, so much so that noone would bat an eye anymore when hearing about another drunk sailor dying by falling off a bridge.


Pirate Bay

In the middle of the Docks, lies the Pirate Bay. Here, lives Captain Silvertongue and their crew. While everyone may travel through the district, the militarian ships that are anchored here are off limits to all of them. Taverns and various well known shops make their living here.

Market Streets

The biggest district in the Docks. Here, pubs are stationed every few meters, several shops sell and lease boats, open air spaces are prepared for playfights... or real fights, and different stalls for food, drinks, and leasure activities also make quite the business. The Market Streets also have multiple ports where the majority of the exports and imports happen.

Black Market

Located in the back alleys of the Docks, the Black Market, or the Bowery, is a place of various underhanded deals. Toxins, drugs, banned merchandise, and much more is dealt here. It is the home of many shady organizations but also attracts a lot of people interested in exotic wildlife, forbidden scripts or... extra spicy noodles?


The Docks were founded by Garmaw Silvertongue after his travels from Civiqua to the shores of Zvaaraes. They rapidly grew in size and population after numerous recruited pirate crews and through word getting out of a new pirate city. With the competition for Captain Silvertongue, the pirates started flooding in for a shot at the crown, or the Silvertongues Tricorne, to be more specific.


A huge part of the Docks income is through tourism. Travellers arrive on boats, by foot or my magic and are often drawn to the city by the extravagant food or the unique merchandise. Because this place is no safe place for kids, most tourists who come here are adults who like the adrenaline rush this environment gives them, and while the food is by far not the best, it is far more enjoyable than that, served in a fancy restaurants due to the unique thrill of dining in a pirate city. Some families offer the travellers a stay in their humble homes for a considerable price. While this is the preferred way to spend a night in the Docks by the extreme tourists, there are also more established taverns that offer residence in a safer environment for the "normal" visitors.


The Silvertongue Docks are surrounded by a tall mountain range that stretches around 150km alongside the bay that the city is built in. About 100km of this mountain range is already in use by the Silvertongue Seadogs and the rough terrain has been used to build a stunning haven full of wooden housing and busy pathways. The ones lucky enough to live in a construct high up these rough hills have a beautiful view over the endless clear seas, the various ports and lively streets.
Founding Date
8th of the Seventh Blessing, 1118
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The Docks
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