Silvertongues Tricorne

Ah yes, the Silvertongues Tricorne. The only fashing article pirates in the Silvertongue Docks aspire to get. However, this item can only be worn by the single strongest, most respected and most cunning captain. Oh, and the one who owns it commands an entire city of pirates, that is pretty neat, isn't it?
— All knowing Lohrk


The Silvertongues Tricorne is not only a sign of power but also a great aid towards the seas exploration. It lets the wearer see the realm of Magicules in one fo their purest forms. Particles are enhanced and batches of Magicules with different Attributes stand out in different colors. This is incredibly useful for unfolding the secrets of the seas and lands alike. Most captains use this ability to explore uncharted waters for never before seen sea creatures and treasures from ages long past.

Design and Structure

Since the Tricorne is already several hundred years old, it has been repared numerous times by Attributed Artificers from the Zvaarian Tinkerers Guild. They enhanced the item with regenerative and waterproof porperties. Its design hasn't changed much due to various demands from the Silvertongues. It is made of Niupalfibers weaved together in a beautiful wave pattern. Additionally, threads of silver swirl around the tricorne, almost as if it had a mind of its own.


The Tricorne is comprised of two different components, the tricorne itself and a custom object that identifies the wearer. The tricornes legacy dates back to Garmaw Silvertongue and the founding of the Silvertongue Docks. It was his heirloom that is given to the one to lead the Seadogs. The individual ornaments were introduced later in the docks history. The first captain to decorate the pirates crown was Hedge Joltheart, the youngest heir at a mere 21 years of age. He was so influential to the docks that he was held at almost a demigod status, so noone questioned him when he wanted to change the tricornes tradition to add more individuality.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Currently in Possession of
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