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Raids for Silver and Glory

Ah yes, the Raids for Silver and Glory. Whoever comes out victorious in this battle shall be crowned the new Captain Silvertongue. While traditionally, this tradition was just a barbaric killing in the docks, the inhabitants settled on a more... polite way of slaughtering. Well, it's still slaughtering, but at least it's a team effort, right?
— All knowing Lohrk


It is every sailors dream to become a Captain on day, but the title of Captain Silvertongue is reserved only for the most wicked, prestigious and cunning sailor of them all. When awarded this honor, one will not only be captain over one crew, no, with this title in hand and the Silvertongues Tricorne on the head, one will be trusted to command the entire Silvertongue Docks.


The raid is to be honored. The guts that are needed to stand up to the current Captain Silvertongue have to be massive, yet the Silvertongue Seadogs won't mistake bravery with recklessness and suicidal. It is made very clear that this fight can only take place if the challenging team has:
  • At least 80 hands on deck
  • 15 successful battles on sea
  • The inhabitants respect


The Raids for Silver and Glory had its start with the death of Garmaw Silvertongue, the very first Captain Silvertongue. He came up with a loosely regulated form of the tradition, which was basically a "If someone of high status kills me, you are the new captain" kind of thing, at least that was what is came down to. He was eventually killed at the young age of 39 and as a result, the sailors residing in the city started a riot. Being overruled by the public, the rules of the tradition were rewritten with the core concept in mind. Since then, in 1128 AAP, the Raids for Silver and Glory stayed the same and is practiced until this very day.


Both crews board a single ship each and sail out towards the seas with their destination being the Montooran Depths. Once they arrive, every crew is left to themselves, tasked with a Blessing of survival. During that time, each ship is tasked with slaying beasts and collecting booty. Although the act of killing is off limits, sabotaging, stealing and other acts of roguery are allowed. After the blessing has passed, both ships return to shore and let the sailors at the docks decide the winner of the raids, depending on the hunted beasts and collected bounty.


A challenging crew of pirates and Captain Silvertongue and their crew.
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Aye, they are in sight! Hold on, wh-what in Garmaws name?! Why is captain Hunrilchs ship completely empty?!
— A curious sailor
Ya did what, Ceceile?! Let ma boys crew go right now, how dare ya tie me son up like that?
— A furious father
Shushhh... shushh Joltfart. Now now, don't be too angry. Ya precious boy had it comin', challengin' me crew. Now take him and GET OUTTA ME SIGHT BEFORE I SLIT YA THROAT.
— Ceceile Seadragon

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Hehe, I liked the concept of overthrowing the current captain in a true pirate-y fashion.   Keep up the great work! :D

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thank you ^^   no better way to become the new captain by getting more bounty than them

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