Captain Silvertongue

A Silvertongues Pledge

I, Ceceile Seadragon, shall bring ye dogs towards the horizon, to be one with the seas and the ship. Now raise ye bloody cutless me friends and fight for coin, glory and love! Raise yer mugs and drink up, for a new era and for a new Silvertongue Captain!
— Ceceile Seadragon


The Silvertongue Captain rules over the entire Silvertongue Docks. This pirate not only leads in battle, but also represents the law inside this settlement.


The entire population of the Silvertongue Docks is made up of pirates and their families. This culture was founded by a simple crew who called themselves The Silvertongues. Led by their first captain, Garmaw Silvertongue, the pirates went on to conquer the entire east coast of Zvaaraes. They recruited a huge number of new pirates, married into different kingdoms and slowly but surely grew their own empire. It grew so big, that the Silvertongues had to take control of land to support their crew. They attacked a small village at a bay in the north-eastern corner of Zvaaraes. Even though their first captain had long passed, and his son was in charge of leading the crew, Garmaw was still known to be the very fist Captain Silvertongue. And while the Silvertongues Tricorne often belonged to a pirat whose veins was not of the Silvertongue blood, once they were in posession of it, they were to proudly announce themselves to be a member of that family, as to honor the great deeds Captain Garmaw once accomplished.
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