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The Misty Noodle

Ah yes, the Misty Noodle, a family business in the Silvertongue Docks run by Vedifur Pulmenti. This business features some of the most delicious dishes in all of Zvaaraes and is a major reason why tourism is so high in the Silvertongue Docks.

Silvertongues Famous Noodleshop

The Misty Noodle is a street vendor that sells different kinds of noodle and seafood dishes. There are two locations of this shop, one at the east, and the other at the west side of the Silvertongue Docks market district. Each building is solely run by Mr. and Ms. Pulmenti and their kids respectively.

Famous Bowls

The Misty Noodle focuses on quality over quantity, and thus only has a couple dishes. The following three are the most famous and widely known.

Aughirondrs Spice Bowl

The Aughirondrs Spice Bowl is by far the most popular dish served in the Docks, or maybe even in all of Zvaaraes. Made with numerous spices, Lesser Dragons blood, selfmade noodles and, the crown jewel of the dish, the Boomshroom. The Spice Bowl, or the Explosive Pirate, as some call it, has a habit of setting off mini explosions inside the customers stomach and thus acts as both a daring and delicious meal at the same time.

The Noodle Snoodle

The second most famous dish, the Noodle Snoodle is a popular dish for every agegroup in the Docks. This dish has various kinds of meats, noodles, vegetables and seafood in it. Its the perfect allrounder and is the most bought dish not only by native pirates, but also by tourists and other traders looking for a good meal during a break.

The Bug Bowl

This bowl is not usually eaten by pirates, but rather by their familiars and pets. Ovinitia Pulmenti, the woman who started this business, had heard pirates talk about a dish for their animals to enjoy during their stay at the Misty Noodle. So she came up with the Bug Bowl. A bowl with various preselected bugs and other small creatures for different kinds of familiars to feast upon. Additionally, the customers could opt to ask for their own custom bug bowl.

Spicy Bowls and Spicier Looks

The Misty Moodle started as a small and humble vendor on the borders of the Market District. After gaining some customers, the Pulmenti family eventually moved into a more centralized area and started expanding their workplace. Currently, both Misty Noodles have a solid base, a big half-outdoor kitchen, several outdoor tables and barrels to sit on. The family did not forget their roots however and keeps their piratey look. Their shabby wooden walls, lazy looking roof made of stone and wood and big alcoholic selections made sure of that.

Rumble at the Vendors

Having alcohol means having drunk pirates, which often leads to small scraps at the tables. This is no strange occurence in the Silvertongue Docks and the damage is payed back by the drunkards the following days. The real fun begins when a sailor is too reckless and starts to harass one of the staff members. A cheerful and fun evening will turn into a serious beatup real fast. Those who dare lay their hands on anyone serving meat and whiskey will have to deal with around 30 pirates on their own. As the unspoken rule goes:
Noone threatens those who pour the drinks. We'll make sure of that.
— A Warningshot
Alternative Names
Misty Soup, Pulmentis
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Aye aye, we meet again Ovinitia, the usual, will ya? Just this time don't put as much dragonblood in there
— A worried pirate

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