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Bug Bowl

Ah yes, the Bug Bowl. Created and sold by the Misty Noodle, this dish is a favourite for customers with familiars. This bowl consists of, well, bugs. Various small creatures are captured and thrown together in a delicious meal for every critter to enjoy.
— All knowing Lohrk

Buzzing Idea

A street vendor serving a dish not eaten by the direct customers? On first glance, the idea of the bug bowl looks completely insane. When thinking it over however, a meal served to the animals of the sailors and pirates during their stay at the Misty Noodle would not only increase sales due to longer stays but also less animalistic noise and of course, a fun thing to tell your friends. Ovinitia Pulmenti heard some pirates talk about the idea during a walk through the Silvertongue Docks and decided that this was a wonderful idea.

Capture and Prepare

The ingredients of the Bug Bowl are anything but easy to obtain. Insects are not hard to find, but several times harder to catch. In the first few Blessings of its addition to the menue, the Pulmenti Family had to catch all the bugs by hand. Now, after the initial success of the dish, the Misty Noodle has earned so much money, that the family pays apprentices of Botanists, Alchemical Gathering Experts or really anyone who wants to earn some extra coin to hunt for those different bugs.

Extra Wishes

Ovinitia knew that not every animal eats the same thing. She has created several base variants of the Bug Bowl for exactly that reason. The variants Bug Bowl, Dog Bowl, Cat Bowl and Parrot Bowl are the most commonly bought variants. For other familiars, their owners can create a custom mix to fit their little friends. The price for the bowls varies depending on the ingredients and their quantity. Of course, those with dogs, cats and parrots can also make use of this customization.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Base Price
Ovinitia Pulmenti
Served at
The Misty Noodle
Base Ingredients
Hey, buddy, so, what would'cha like to eat? ... - Oh, no need to bark at me, I know yer excited. One Noodle Snoodle for me, and a Dog Bowl with extra rabbit meat for this little sailor right 'ere.
— A hungry pirate

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