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Aughirondrs Spice Bowl

Ah yes, Aughirondrs Spice Bowl. A dish so famous that it single handedly raised the tourism rate in the Silvertongue Docks by a quarter. It is known as the spiciest of foods on the entire continent and is the main reason why the Misty Noodle is as famous as it is today.
— All knowing Lohrk

Aughirondrs Legacy

The name "Aughirondrs Spice Bowl" originated from the flying sea serpent Aughirondr. It was slain by Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon during The Battle of Seadragons which went down in history as one of the grandest raid in pirate history. Due to Aughirondrs lethality, The Misty Noodle created an incredibly spicy bowl named after the monster.

Childish Dares

The initial idea of the Spice Bowl came from Vedifur Pulmenti. He thought back to his childhood where he and his friends would always dare each other to stupid things, so he created the most daring thing he could thing of. He and his wife Ovinitia Pulmenti thought that nothing is more daring than eating an explosive mushroom, so they turned to exactly that, the Boomshroom.

Explosive Preperations

Vedifur Pulmenti started experiencing with the possibilities a Boomshroom can have on coastal cuisine. Knowing their explosive and highly unstable nature, to say that the Pulmentis had no idea how to start, would be an understatement. Equipped with thick plated armor and a kitchen knife, they started with the obvious: cutting up the Shroom. Several attempts at salvaging the dangerous fungis parts, followed by numerous injuries took place. After months of experiments, by scraping off the hardened spores under the shrooms caps and removing a lot of its explosiveness, the family had finally found a way to incorporate the Boomshroom into a dish.


Aside from the addition of the Boomshroom, there are also several other ingredients that are featured in this dish. Different kinds of hot peppers, Ak'yinoodles, Lesser Dragons blood, pork, Serpent Meats of ones choosing and the Misty Noodles secret family broth. To add to the experience, everyone ordering Aughirondrs Spice Bowl will get it served in a specially carved bowl, called the Wyvernbreath. These are carved by none other than the Zvaarian Lumberjacks themselves.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Ovinitia Pulmenti
Vedifur Pulmenti
Served at
The Misty Noodle

Dares Amongst Pirates

Today, Aughirondrs Spice Bowl has become a meal for the brave. A meal that will, quite literally, explode inside your belly. Surprisingly, it is not the young ones, but the old pirates daring each other to finish a bowl faster than the other. Vedifur has succeeded in his quest to bring back the younger fun times to the older generation, even if those times come back through something as silly as an explosive spice bowl.
Aye ye dogs! Now which one o' them old geezers gonna take me up on a good 'ol Spice Bowl? I been waitin' on this me whole trip long!
— A daring pirate

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