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Ah yes, the Wyvernbreath. These bowls are manufactured by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks and are used to serve Aughirondrs Spice Bowls in the Misty Noodle. They depicture the head of the sea serpent Aughirondr and tell the tale of its defeat around their outer shell.
— All knowing Lohrk

A Story on Wood

The Wyvernbreaths tell their own story, and no bowl is ever the same. Carved by the Zvaarian Lumberjacks, a culture of wood-loving people, each bowl represents a different tale about the legend that was The Battle of Seadragons. Told by many and truly known to few, however, these tales all have the same outcome: Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon defeating the sea serpent Aughirondr and seizing his weapon, the Skullcollector. The carved head with an open maw on the bowl represents the last breath drawn by the beast where the detailled, carved drawings on the outside show the fight that took place.

Daring Creation

Vedifur Pulmenti, the owner of The Misty Noodle specifically asked to be closely involved in the design and manufacturing process of the first few bowls. He wanted these items to be as extravagant as possible. A daring bowl fit for the daring Spice Bowl it should hold. Sharrel 'Shadow' Pallean of Lumber, a talented novice lumberjack was tasked with their creation and it was not at all easy to please Vedifur for him. After about a dozen attempts at different designs, they finally agreed on the Wyvernbreaths current design.
Item type
Trade/Manufactured good
Upper Diameter: 20cm
Lower Diameter: 11cm
Component of
Aughirondrs Spice Bowl
Wizards Placeholder by nnie

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26 Dec, 2021 17:45

I love this detail to the spice bowl, it really gives the bowl an iconic and memorable image. It also makes it so much more intimidating! Imagine ordering the spiciest dish in the country and it's carried out to you in a bowl that looks like a DRAGON!

26 Dec, 2021 17:46

thanks Aster ^^ Nothing better than an intimidating spice bowl in a savage pirate city, am I right?

From strange languages to unnecessarily elaborate playing card designs, Cathrea is the place to find it.
26 Dec, 2021 18:37

Oh certainly, though for my own safety I think I would much prefer the noodle snoodle ;P