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Ah yes, the Skullcollector, or Skulltaker as some call it. This weapon was once a posession of the infamous sea serpent Aughirondr what a mouthful. It was seized by Ketas Seadragon, a most fierce pirate, and quite the looker, don't you think?
— All knowing Lohrk
It is not unusual that a pirate pays tribute to the sea not with coin but with life. Especially in the Montooran Depths, noone is surprised if their loved ones don't return from their hunts for glory. Why do mercenaries still dare to venture past the safe waters you ask? For a chance to seize a prize like the Skullcollector of course.

Physical Description

Like most chain weapons, the Skullcollector is a weapon made for killing, and killing only. Its 16 different sections look like scales and are made of Diluvium, giving the silver metal a slight shade of mossy water. The hilt is made of Flutterwood with an unknown gem in the center. The tip of the weapon is entirely made of an unknown metal. Its only known property is that it can attract the wind emitted from the hilt on a thrust and shoot it towards a direction.


What makes this chain unique is the magic infused into its every corner. On every whip, the handle emits condensed air that travel through the 16 scaled blade and are emitted through the 17th part in form of strong gusts of wind. When getting hit directly with the scales, they practically bore themselves into the enemy, ripping out chunks of flesh when getting retracted. As a final move, Ketas Seadragon likes to strike out with the chain, letting the tip soar towards his enemies and piercing their skulls. That is the origin of the name Skullcollector.


Normally, when an artifact is found in the deep reaches of the seas, it can later be identified by some historical records. The Skullcollectors origin however can not be traced back. It is a myth among myths. The most popular theorie around it is that it was brought down to earth as a gift by the gods, available for anyone strong enough to claim it. Its official history only starts with Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon and his faithful encounter with Aughirondr, the sentient wyvern of the sea. In a battle that would later be known as The Battle of Seadragons, Ketas defeated this ancient creature and seized the Skullcollector from its lair. He was also the one who gave it its spine-tingling name.


The Skullcollector is not only essential to Ketas Seadragon, its cultural significance is vital for the Seadragons reputation as a whole. The merit that comes with defeating an ancient seagiant is immeasurable and the tale of its defeat has spread far and wide through the different isles, docks and bays of Cathrea.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Subtype / Model
3.5lb / 1.59kg
Raw materials & Components
unknown Gemstone
unknown metal
unknown material
Ye shall be called Skullcollector, as me hand will wield ye to the end of me measely life, collecting the skulls of every. single. seadog, crossing me path.
— Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon

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