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Sea Wyvern Aughirondr (a.k.a. Lesser Seadragon)

For countless centuries my reign lasted in these waters. Thy mortal body hast limits reached some time ago. 'Tis thine life, dangling on the deathen thread, mine not. Impressive as though might've been, thy soul shall be claimeth by mine at last. Submit to the strength of godhood, so as though death be a quick one.
— Aughirondrs last words

Personal Attribute: Tithedragons Rage

Aughirondr is one of the extremely few beastial beings that have found their Magiculed Wisdom and thus unlocked their very own Personal Attribute. This ability lets the sea serpent switch from a water-oriented body to a more aerodynamic body. Once activated, his scales turn from an enchanting blue-purple color into a darkened ashen one. With this colorchange the skin hardens, the wings grow, and the lethality of his attacks surges. This ability is what many sailors have feared, but very few have actually seen and lived to tell the tale.
The longer Aughirondr is in his "enraged" state, the more he looses his sense of danger and ultimately, his intelligence. Being consumed by rage, the wyvern-turned serpent also uses up extreme amounts of stamina to persist in this form. If the fight drags on too much after activating this skill, Aughirondr will be in a massive disadvantage.

A Conqueror of Skies and Waters both

Aughirondr was a 8 winged sea serpent with two massive, retractable legs. People have tried, and are still trying, to categorize his species for ages but could not find a definite solution, thus agreeing on putting him on the Wyvern category for now, due to his two legged statue.

His snake-like body was glazed with a thick layer of dried coral colored scales, littered with huge scars, patches, scratches and other permanent battle wounds. Due to this, and the damage he received during his fight with Ketas, his wings were quite chipped and barely functional during his last moments. His eyes were as white as the moon and as clear as the nights sky, only adding to his mythical aura.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Known by many names, Aughirondr, The Depths Terror, Serpent Courier of Death, The Tithedragon, still ripples feelings on unease through the hearts of sailors just by word of mouth. This behemoth of a seamonster roamed the Montooran Depths for the longest time, terrorizing and feeding off sailors knowing and unknowing of his lairs position both. He amassed countless artifacts, unimaginable wealth and with it, a status only befitting for a borderline god of the seas like him. Being eventually bested by Ketas 'Wyvernslayer' Seadragon has not by any means deminished his reputation amongst pirates around the world. Even several years later, his legacy still lingers in the back of peoples minds, almost like a nightmare that is remembered forever and always, coming back in moments one least expects it.
Date of Birth
Date of Death
7th of the First Blessing, 1597
Year of Death
1597 AAP
Circumstances of Death
The Battle of Seadragons
Place of Death
Montooran Depths
moon white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
matte coral scales
estimated 30 - 35m / 100 - 114ft
Known Languages
Historical Highcourt
Wizards Placeholder by nnie

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